Utility Bill Assistance


Atmos Energy Louisiana Sharing the Warmth

Anyone looking to give back to the community so that less fortunate Atmos Energy Louisiana customers can get assistance with their utility bills can donate to Sharing the Warmth. The program was created as a means for both providing aid to families in a crisis and it also helps with the concept of neighbors helping neighbors.

The program works by accepting donations from the community. Those who contribute come from many backgrounds, and they may be individuals, faith based groups, businesses, or corporations. The amount that someone can decide to contribute is completely flexible as well, and people can make a one time donation or use a round up type service. In either case, it will normally be tax deductible for the donor.

Many employees of Louisiana based Atmos Energy also contribute. This includes both hourly workers as well as management. In fact, this provides the staff who work at the company the ability to give back to the community. There may also be some additional support from shareholders of the company.

Sharing the Warmth will then often match those contributions, no matter where they came from. So Atmos Energy will work with partners to determine the total amount given, and then the company may provide its own additional funds as a matching donation. This makes the program that much more effective.

The goal is to use the money to help the less vulnerable with their electric or heating bills. There will not be any donations used for overhead costs, and Atmos Energy will cover all those expenses. This will help alleviate any worries that people may have of their money not being used wisely.

As noted, the intent of Sharing the Warmth is to help address a crisis when it comes to their utility bills. So there will be priority given to people facing a one time crisis, or that are senior citizens or that may be struggling due to some unexpected crisis, such as an illness. Since donations are also used for this resource, only a small number of applications can be fulfilled as the program is very limited in scope.






To apply for assistance, call the Louisiana branch of the Atmos Energy customer service team at the number below, or in some cases local non-profit agencies are also aware of this service. They may be able to direct people to the correct resource.

When applying, note that the assistance is offered one time only. Also, since the funds are coming from the community as the result of donations, once an applicant has addressed their hardship they can also give back to Sharing the Warmth at a later date, once they have regained stability. In other words, it is always greatly appreciated that after someone has used the assistance from this for their heating or utility costs, give back. As it will help the next applicant of the program. For more details, dial 1-888-286-6700.