Utility Bill Assistance


Beauregard Electric Cooperative SHARE utility assistance

Beauregard Electric Cooperative SHARE is a financial assistance program that uses donations from the community to help low income families in crisis. The service will give out a grant to eligible customers, and the assistance will take place in the form of a credit on an existing energy bill. It operates as as 100% donation type program, and all of the funds go to help keep the power on.

Customers in need of assistance need to apply. Funds are paid out on a first come and served basis, and applications are accepted until the program is depleted. But since new donations can continue to come in, there may be another time-frame later in the year in which Beauregard Electric Cooperative SHARE re-opens.

Only grants are paid out in the form of a credit on the customers utility bill. Cash is never provided to the client. The grant helps limited-income customers that are in a short term crisis either (1) maintain their account or (2) restore their basic electric service. It will support anyone that is qualified and in a financial hardship get back on their feet.

The company accepts applications as well as partners. Anyone seeking this grant/credit of course needs to be a customer of Beauregard Electric Cooperative. Applicants also need to have made a sincere effort of payment on their existing energy bill, and this needs to be a payment made within the last 90 days or so. The amount allotted may vary.

In addition the households needs to be at an income of at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. This will consider the number of people in the home too. There also needs to be a minimum balance on the account. If these, as well as other conditions have been met (and funding is available) then Beauregard Electric Cooperative SHARE may be able to provide some money for a portion of any outstanding utility bills.






In general, most of the aid goes to individuals that are employed. They generally have been paying their utilities on time in the past but some recent circumstance has caused a financial hardship. So this means that the client seeking help for their energy costs need to have otherwise been self-sufficient, and the donations are targeted only at deserving customers. Mostly only temporary help is needed. This should help encourage more people to continue to the program.

Over the years, thousands of generous Beauregard Electric Cooperative customers have donated to the program. The contributions come from people from all facets of life. There are donations from individuals, corporations, local businesses, and even charitable groups. Not only will many people donate, but they also receive a deduction on their income taxes when they do so.

  • -Donate on a one time basis by mailing in a check.
  • -Contribute on a monthly, recurring round up type service month in and month out.

The company also matches donations up to a certain dollar amount. So anyone giving back to the community will have in effect the amount of the aid they contribute even greater. One hundred percent of all donations and matching dollars to Beauregard Electric Cooperative SHARE help low income families with paying various heating and utility bills.

For more details on this service, or for referrals to other assistance programs, dial a local community action agency. Or for more information on how to donate, look at your monthly statement or dial 211.