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Care and Share National Grid utility donation program

One of the main ways to give back to the community is to contribute to the National Grid Care and Share Energy Fund. This program provides assistance with paying heating and utility bills to low income families in New York that are facing a crisis. It relies on donations from the local community and businesses in order to operate.

The program has been operating for over 30 years, and it provides emergency financial assistance to working poor and low income families in New York. Assistance is for those individuals that are facing some form of challenge with paying heating and utility bills. It is run in partnership with many others, such as HeartShare Human Services of New York.

As indicated, the program relies on contributions. National Grid will often provide matching grants as well. Every dollar someone contributes to the Care and Share fund is tax-deductible. The money you provide will go a long way towards making a difference for some family or child who desperately needs help to stay warm during the New York winter. Many senior citizens also can benefit. The money will only go towards a crisis situation and this is not a charity or government subsidy program. Each and every person has the ability to join National Grid’s employees, stockholders, managers and customers by contributing to assist those in need of help.

There are several ways to donate. You can call National Grid and/or HeartShare Human Services of New York. They accept checks, have created a text contribution service, and you can donate using your monthly statement or bill as well. For example, National Grid already provides envelopes in its mailings to customers to encourage them to contribute any funds to HeartShare. You can give as little or as much as you want or can afford to pay. All donations go to helping the needy and not administrative costs.






For those looking to apply for assistance, there are several conditions that need to be met. Any National Grid customer in New York state whose total household income meets the guidelines of the federal government Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is usually qualified. This is a crisis program and it not ongoing government or public aid. Customers need to be truly faced with an unexpected emergency, and it needs to not be something they caused.

Applications are accepted at local agencies. To apply for help, or to get a list of agencies, where someone can apply at, dial 1-855-852-2736 or call 855-85CareNY. Some towns or cities may not have a local agency to apply at. Or maybe there is no center to donate funds to. In this case, families can call (718) 422-4207 or (718) 422-4228 to apply for assistance from National Grid. Or to donate. A representative from HeartShare Human Services of New York will take your information over the phone.



By: Jon McNamara


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