Utility Bill Assistance



CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program south Louisiana utility assistance

In a crisis, and when customers of CenterPoint are out of options for paying their utility bills, the program known as Energy Assistance Program may be able to assist. The program uses contributions from the public, employees, management, and other customers to help those that are less fortunate. CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program is a complementary service that is often combined with LIHEAP as well as other emergency utility bill services, and it is only offered in southern Louisiana.

Anyone that is considering an application needs to have applied for LIHEAP first. If they have used up that state of Louisiana service, then they should talk to their friends, family, and others. The potential applicant also should have tried payments plans and local charities.

Proof of all of these steps will be required. CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program uses donations, since the number of families that can be assisted is very limited. Every dollar available to a customer that is struggling was contributed to the program. Energy Assistance Program is not some type of entitlement program but rather it is paid for by the hard earned income or community members. This means some hard working person or even employee decided to give back to their community, and this means that each and every application will be scrutinized.


The phone number is 866-275-5252. Proof of income, residency, copies of past utility bills, and proof of paying the account on time in the past are all required. Since the customer needs to be in “good standing” in the past, CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program is a crisis type program for paying utility bills.

It is not for everyone. Many people may not qualify, due to lack of donations to it and the fact they are just not qualified. In these cases, customer service staff will offer referrals to other heating as well as utility bill assistance programs. The goal is to also approve applications within several days, but this is not an emergency program.






Donations to south Louisiana CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program

There are multiple ways to contribute. They include mailing a check to the company and clearly noted the reason for the funds (Note anyone interested in this should also call for the latest mailing address/process). There can also be recurring donations through rounding up a bill. Other contributions come in the the form of matching grants from CenterPoint, employee contributions, and local fund raisers.

Most people that donate will receive a charitable deduction on their income taxes. This is a tax break that “softens” the hit to them. Some other key factors to keep in mind with CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program is that the money stays local in that it goes to help people in the community with their utility bills.

Also, CenterPoint Energy Assistance Program is often targeted at seniors, homes with kids, the ill, and other special circumstances. A donation is not just going to pay the energy bills of some random person that has lived beyond their means, so this should give some level of comfort to people that give back. Call 866-275-5252 for details.