Utility Bill Assistance



CenterPoint Energy Good Neighbor Fuel Fund utility bill assistance

Find how the CenterPoint Energy Good Neighbor Fuel Fund program works in Louisiana, both the donation portion as well as the financial assistance part of it. The service allows low income families to apply for financial help for paying their energy bills and it also provides members of the community the ability to help the less fortunate (but donating to Good Neighbor Fuel Fund).

Anyone seeking help needs to first of all be a customer of CenterPoint Energy. After they have met that criteria, and if they are truly struggling, they need to apply for utility bill assistance at the company itself or a local social service agency. The eligibility requirements will change from year to year based on funding and demand. But in general the client needs to be low income and also facing a one-time crisis. There needs to be significant proof of the hardship as well as what they are doing to overcome it. They also need to be out of other options, including LIHEAP, charities, or another resource.

The amount of financial assistance is limited. The only reason this program exists at all is it is paid for by electric customers (both individuals as well as individuals) who donate either cents or maybe a few dollars through their monthly electric bills. This means that CenterPoint Energy Good Neighbor Fuel Fund is small in scope as it relies on very small dollar amount of contributions.

Generally there will also not be cash paid out. But rather the client is given a credit on their CenterPoint Energy bill. This helps to reduce fraud as well as increase the efficiency of this resource. It also ensures that any awards approved only go towards paying down utility bills and not some other expense. IT also builds confidence of people who donate their hard earned income to it.






There are ways for the community to help with CenterPoint Energy Good Neighbor Fuel Fund as well. This is a strictly donation program. Without contributions coming from the public, corporations, and even employees of CenterPoint Energy then the program would be non-existent. Therefore anyone that gives back will make a difference. That is how they can assist.

As it does rely on donations, the service is literally neighbors helping neighbors. Customers can pledge to contribute any dollar amount they want...either on a one-time or recurring basis. They can give $1, $2, $5, $10 or any other whole-dollar amount. Or they can round up the monthly bill to the next whole dollar amount. The amount, no matter how small or large, to give back can be chosen by the customer.

When signing up for the monthly round up service, the amount the donor selects will be conveniently added to their monthly utility bill. They will also be given an annual statement for income tax filing purposes. This ensures everything is properly recorded. Then, if/when the customer wants to modify the terms of what they are doing, they can contact Customer Service. Both businesses as well as individual can contribute. Any customer of CenterPoint Energy can give back.

For more information on the program ,whether applying or donating, call the company at 866-275-5252. Or inquire with a local social service agency. The demand is high and funds are limited, but a combination of financial aid and/or referrals will be given out.