Utility Bill Assistance


Central Alabama Electric Cooperative Project Share utility assistance

Project Share is one of the main assistance programs from Central Alabama Electric Cooperative. The company uses donations and contributions from customers, businesses, and the general public to offer this resources. The Central Alabama Electric Cooperative may also provide their own matching grants to help pay for the energy program.

The American Red Cross is a major partner organization of Project Share. They process applications, distribute funds, and help oversee it from an administrative perspective. Unfortunately like all assistance programs the funding is very limited, however they do try to help as many low income, elderly, and disabled customers as possible.

Your contribution of a few dollars each month, or a one time donation, through Project SHARE will make a big difference. The Project SHARE program is formally known as Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy. It is an energy-assistance program offered by Central Alabama Electric Cooperative and many other companies. It is administered by the American Red Cross to help families in need.

When you donate money, either one time or through your utility bills, all contributions are forwarded to the American Red Cross. Funds are paid out, and donations are collected, year round. The project focuses on assisting disabled persons, senior citizens, families with infants, and those that live on fixed or low incomes. So this includes a senior on a pension or individual receiving disability payments.

Donations are needed to keep this program running. The contributions that one makes provides a great way for people to make commitment to their local communities. You can give back to the less fortunate. The funds may even make it to a senior who lives in your local community.






Unfortunately, some individuals and families in your town or community struggle every month to pay their bills and otherwise meet their basic living expenses. Many are faced with difficult circumstances and just need a little short term assistance to make it through.

SHARE is solely funded by caring Alabama customers like you and local businesses. Some fund raisers may be held too. The program will make a payment directly to the energy provider, whether it is the Cooperative or someone else, on behalf of these families. Since the program started in the mid 1980s over $20 million dollars has been provided to the less fortunate and working poor. The money will only be sent to income qualified households.

If you would like to donate to SHARE, please contribute on your monthly bills or call the company for an application. All funds are tax deductible and will make the difference with someone that is less fortunate. People can also drop off a completed application at their customer service center.

To apply or get more information, contact the American Red Cross office in your county. Customers can also call Central Alabama Electric Cooperative for more information. Also, for more information, customers can call (334) 365-6762 or (800) 545-5735.