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Citizens Gas Warm Heart utility assistance

Money raised from the larger community served by Citizens Gas is used to provide utility bill assistance to low income families that are facing a crisis. The financial aid is used as part of Warm Hearts and it focuses on senior citizens as well as families that are facing a one time emergency. Various organizations as well as private citizens provide resources to this particular program.

Assistance for paying energy bills is available for customers of Citizens Gas that meet all of the program terms and conditions. Since it uses donations from the public, the criteria are strictly enforced. They include some or all of the following, however the application process can change at any time. When applying for Warm Heart, households should be prepared with the following and more.

-Proof of residency in the state of Indiana and the area served by Citizens Gas is required.

-Households need proof of income from all sources, whether from a job or public aid such as unemployment.

-Warm Hearts will focus on using the contributions to help with utility bills for the most vulnerable households, such as seniors or the sick. So information on this should be provided as well.

-The applicant should also have copies of past utility bills, reasons for why they are struggling, and be prepared to answer any other questions asked of them.

The goal of the donations from Citizens Gas Warm Hearts is to keep the power on. So funds can help prevent a disconnection for a very short period of time. It will allow the customer time to explore other programs which can help them or maybe relocate to a friend's or family member's home. Warm Hearts is a one time only financial support program and not a recurring, month in and month out service.






Citizens Gas Warm Heart is funded by generous donations from the community. People of all races, ages, religions, income levels, and backgrounds contribute. No matter the dollar amount given, the money will be used wisely to provide assistance to vulnerable households.

One hundred percent of the contribution will go to fund the program. The administrative costs will be covered by the company itself. So the employees salaries, processing fees, and related expenses are paid for using funds other than what was donated.

Contributions can be made on a one-off basis or on a recurring one using a Round Up type scheme. The different methods allow people to offer assistance to qualified low income families. Just one generous contribution can help a family keep their power on. It may allow them to keep a piece of medical equipment running, or allow a senior citizen in the Citizens Gas territory to stay warm during the winter. So Citizens Gas Warm Heart can be very effective in helping the working poor.

As noted, all resources are limited. Many people will not qualify, or since utility assistance is first come and served, there may not be any money left to assist. However referrals may still be given to other Citizens Gas programs. To apply or for more details, dial (317) 924-3311.


By: Jon McNamara


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