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City of Lubbock Utilities Project Helping Hand utility bill assistance

City of Lubbock Utilities Project Helping Hand is an assistance program that is available to help low income customers pay their utility bills in an emergency. Using donations from the community, the help of volunteers holding fund raisers, as well as other sources, the City of Lubbock Utilities program may help hundreds of families keep their power, heat, or electric service on each year. It is for “special” hardships.

Anyone who does decide to donate money to City of Lubbock Utilities Helping Hand can have the confidence that they are making a difference in the community. 100% of their contribution goes to help people in need pay their utility bills, keep their lights on, and maybe even save their life.

All of the money also stays local. A donation may go to help the senior citizen who lives down the street from you, or assist the mom who is trying to pay the bills and keep food in the fridge all while working two jobs. As the fact is that a financial hardship can happen to anyone, and when it does, donations to Project Helping Hand may help that family with their utility bills. Some reasons to donate:

  • 1)100% of the money goes to pay utility bills.
  • 2)The funds can help a family (maybe in your neighborhood or on your street) keep the lights on.
  • 3)Donors also get an income tax deduction, so the net cost to them is the donation in effect costs less.

As noted above, City of Lubbock Utilities Project Helping Hand is only for a crisis. There are a small number of families who may be assisted each year, as the funding only comes from donations. But the point is there may be some assistance available from the program to help pay a small amount of past due utility bill.




Even if the City of Lubbock Utilities Project Helping Hand program can’t help in a certain case, the customer service team or another local organization may support the low income customer. They can offer them payment plans, cash grants from LIHEAP, free energy conservation measures and more. Not only that, in most cases City of Lubbock Helping Hand is combined with other forms of financial aid.

But the program will help in some cases. The financial support is limited and can pay for a small portion of a utility bill. In addition, the donations from City of Lubbock Project Helping Hand are often given to the disabled, elderly, sick, or those with a special hardship. It is not a general poverty fighting program. But the funds can still help.

There are a few places to turn to make a donation to City of Lubbock Project Helping Hand or to apply. The customer service department can be dialed, and that number is DDDDD. Or the other option is to try a local social service agency, as there are many that can be contacted such as community action or the Salvation Army.

By: Jon McNamara


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