Utility Bill Assistance


Cleco Power of Sharing assistance Fund

One of the main programs available to Cleco low income customers is the Power of Sharing Fund. It uses contributions from the community to help qualified customers pay their utility bills. The program use to be called the Energy Fund in the past and it has been operating since the 1980s.

Financial assistance is focused on helping disadvantaged seniors, families with young children and disabled citizens. Any assistance from the Power of Sharing Fund is limited. Money that is collected from donations and fund are used to assist with paying for utility bills, help them purchase fans and blankets, make minor repairs to heating and cooling units and also weatherize homes. It is a program of last resort and will only assist those Louisiana household that meet all conditions.

The company knows that many customers struggle to pay utility bills, especially when the Louisiana weather is hot and humid and their electric usage is high. Those summer bills are normally the highest and people may face disconnections as well. This is when your donation and the Sharing Fund can make the most difference.

As noted, fans may be offered too. Cleco will also hold fan drives each year. People can also donate or contribute to the purchase of a box fan.  The company will collect the items and raise funds from programs such as Power of Sharing Fund to purchase fans for the elderly and disadvantaged across Cleco’s service territory. Hundreds of units may be passed out every year.

As indicated, all of the programs listed above depend on donations from the community. Cleco employees and customers contribute to Power of Sharing fund. The company may also provide matching donations up to a certain dollar amount, so this will further increase the number of people who are assisted.






To learn more or apply, you can call the company. Otherwise any type of utility assistance will be provided through the Louisiana Association of Councils on Aging or also local community action agencies. To get more information or to find out if you or a loved one qualifies for assistance, contact your local Council on Aging in Louisiana. Customers will be required to re-qualify each year for the assistance program. Employees also work with local agencies and organizations to offer low-income customers as much aid as possible.

There are other assistance programs as well. Lower income customers who meet certain income guidelines can also apply to receive a discount on the fuel portion of their utility bills during the summer months. Local community action agencies accept applications for these discount programs.