Utility Bill Assistance


Assistance in Colorado with heating, electric, and utility bills.

The Colorado LEAP program is a federally funded program that is administered by the Colorado Department of Human Services. It was created to assist with your winter bill heating costs. It was not created to pay your entire heating bills. LEAP assistance is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating bills. While you are applying for financial assistance from LEAP you need to continue paying your monthly home heating bill while you are on the program. Read more.

The Colorado Telephone Assistance Program is an assistance program of the Colorado Department of Human Services that will help pay a portion of your monthly phone bill for eligible individuals. You may be able to get a discount from your local phone company on your basic phone service if your existing telephone provider in the assistance program

Colorado Energy Outreach
It is one of the more ambitious and largest energy assistance organizations in the entire country. Energy Outreach does rely heavily on its partnership with various emergency utility bill assistance agencies across the state. These various agencies form the Charitable Energy Network, which handles the management and distribution of Energy Outreach funds to those in need.

Colorado weatherization assistance program. Services provided include:

  • Comprehensive energy audit
  • Wall, attic, and crawl space insulation
  • Air leakage reduction
  • Appliance safety inspection
  • Forced air furnace efficiency assessment
  • High efficiency, energy saving lighting survey
  • Inspection of your home for other potential safety problems




Weatherization benefits include the following:

  • You can lower utility bills by about 20%, with one in four homeowners saving 37%
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased overall safety and comfort of the home
  • Reduce lower income customers' need for direct cash assistance for paying utility bills

City of Boulder - The Energy Efficiency Program provides energy conservation methods to Colorado homeowners and families.

Colorado Springs Utilities - Offers the Home Efficiency Assistance Program (HEAP). This will provide both water and other energy conservation methods, such as CFL bulbs, insulation, and other aid. Locate more Colorado Springs Utilities assistance programs.

Fort Collins Utilities - Residential Energy Assistance Through Community Help (REACH) assists families with weatherization assistance. There may also be some funds for paying heating and utility bills as the result of a donation service in the area. Learn more.

Black Hills Energy, formerly known as Aquila, runs a Cares assistance program that provides financial aid and offers weatherization improvements including caulking, insulation, CFL bulbs, weather stripping, and other energy saving actions. Additional services are offered as well. More on Black Hills Energy assistance.

Atmos Energy - Sharing the Warmth assists customers with electric and heating bills. Click here more information.

City of Fountain - The city has the Lighten the Load assistance program. It offers grants of up to $150 to pay various utility bills, including heating and even water. Read more.






City of Longmont - The COPE program is a utility bill payment assistance program. Click more information.

City of Loveland Water and Power Department - Help a Neighbor in Distress (HAND) assists customers with unpaid utility bills, and will help prevent a service disconnection. The HAND aid project will help customers in Colorado avoid a loss of utility or heating service due to an unpaid  Read more.

Colorado Springs Utility Company - Citizens Option to Provide Energy (COPE) provides assistance with heating and utility bills. This can help with paying electric bills if the customer has a disconnect notice and is also qualified for LIHEAP. It relies on donations and partners in order to assist with energy bills. Read more.

Delta Montrose Electric Association, Mountain Parks Electric, Inc., Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. - All of the Colorado utility companies offer this Operation Round Up assistance program, which provides cash grants to assist with paying utility bills.

Xcel Energy - This is Colorado’s largest utility and electric provider. They offer customers a few different financial assistance programs and resources. Read more on Xcel Energy assistance.

Fort Collins Utilities - Payment Assistance Fund assists those families who have received a disconnect notice. Read more information.

Yampa Valley Electric - The Caring Consumers program provides utility bill assistance. The foundation of the company also contributes to the service. Read more.