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Consolidated Electric People Fund utility assistance.

Short term, emergency utility bill assistance may be provided by a program known as the People Fund. Using donations from the community, both one time and recurring, Consolidated Electric Cooperative
offers this resource to help income qualified customers that are in a crisis. Not only are contributions used from their service area, but Consolidated Electric People will also often make matching grants to it in an effort to increase the number of people that are assisted.

The People Fund has two main purposes. One is to provide people a way to give back to the less fortunate. The second is to offer struggling customers financial help for paying utility bills, with a focus on cooling and heating expenses. Those are the two main goals, and more information on it is below.

Many individuals, businesses, and non-profits from the Consolidated Electric People service territory are very generous when it comes to helping lower income families that are in a crisis. So this service, known as Operation Round Up, provided them the ability to do this. They can give back to their local town or city. People can donate any dollar amount they want to the program.

Contributions, which will be tax free, come from local businesses and families. Employees and management from the company will also contribute. The Consolidated Electric People Fund program will use all this money to help customers pay their utilities. The aid is for one time events, and this is not some type of welfare program.

For example, it can help the elderly with a medical crisis. Or there may be assistance for a household with young children if they are facing a short term crisis for any number of reasons. The application process is strict and all requests are reviewed closely. If there is any questions to the need, assistance will not be provided.

Applications to Consolidated Electric Cooperative

For those seeking financial help, Consolidated Electric Cooperative People Fund is one of the options available to them. Since it is a donation program at its core, the number of people assisted is small. The applicant needs to be faced with a short term crisis that they did not cause. They also need to be taking the steps to resume paying future bills on their own in the near future.






The program will target seniors, families with children, or the disabled. Consolidated Electric Cooperative will ensure that someone's donation goes for the right use so they will not assist those that are not qualified. However,  even if an applications is denied or if the program runs out of money, they will still try to offer referrals to the customer. Any fraudulent applications will have action taken on them by the trustees of this program.

For more information on the People Fund, call Consolidated Electric Cooperative. Or ask a local social service agency, as they can often provide information too.




By: Jon McNamara


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