Utility Bill Assistance


Cullman Electric Operation Share assistance programs

There is an assistance program available to certain qualified customers. The service, known as Operation Share, uses donations from the public to help pay utility bills as well as offer conservation measures. Each year there tends to be hundreds of families assisted by Cullman Electric Cooperative, most of them whom are out of all other options.

When applying for assistance, applicants need to be prepared to go through a full assessment during this process. They will need proof of income, residency in the service territory supported by Cullman Electric, and need. While a disconnection notice is not required in order to receive help from Operation Share, it may be beneficial to have one as well if applicable.

Customers supported by Cullman Electric Cooperative Operation Share

Utility bill assistance from the program is for specific needs. There is a strong emphasis placed on helping senior citizens in the state. This is done as what will sometimes happen if they lose power is that they could then lose their heat and face a medical hardship. Some individuals may even freeze to death during the winter. Senior citizens are at tremendous risk if they were to have their electricity shut off, and this is one key reason they are given priority.

Many seniors also have equipment that needs to be powered up. It can be a medical device or maybe something to help them breathe. Or even various space heaters during the winter can be used to provide supplemental heat to their homes. Cullman Electric Operation Share is also used in these cases to keep their utilities, and specifically this equipment, fully available.

The donations raised by Cullman Electric Operation Share can also help a customer with a health care issue. If a primary wage earner has missed significant time from work (and has a doctor note) or if a child needs to have some equipment powered, the program can offer them utility help as well. This type of support is a valid use of the donations.






Ways to donate or apply for assistance

The program offers a few different methods to contribute. Or for those that need to apply for assistance to keep their lights on, this can of course be done as well.

For donors, 100% of the contribution will go to paying bills and not administrative costs. This helps ensure the money gets to those who need it. Donors will also have comfort in knowing that the money stays in their local communities and is not sent to some far off town or state. In other words, Cullman Electric Operation Share is hyper focused on assisting families or individuals in their own local communities.

Operation Share will only help low income customers with an exceptional crisis. As noted, applicants come from a wide variety of situations, but most are senior citizens or ill in some way. When Cullman Electric or its partners have adequate funds raised from those donors, there may be assistance distributed. The funds will pay some of the utility bill that is due from the customer.

For more information on the service, dial 1-(800) 242-1806. Cullman Electric Cooperative Operation Share is just one of the solutions available. Even when not qualified, other aid may be paid out.