Utility Bill Assistance


Decatur Utilities Operation Warm utility assistance

When funding is available, the Decatur Utilities Operation Warm program may be able to help a customer pay some of the balance on their utility account from December to May. It operates using donations from individuals, local businesses, as well as contributions from both employees as well as shareholders from Decatur Utilities.

Since this is a small scale program (as it relies strictly on the generosity of people to donate money) the number of households assisted each year is limited. It also only operates for a few months per year. There is also a strict application process in place, and the utility bill assistance is only for residential customers. So while businesses may donate to it, the only individuals that can apply are residential customers.

Decatur Utilities Operation Warm is further limited in that the assistance is targeted at certain scenarios only. So the funds from the program will first go to seniors that have a medical issue, customers with a young child, and clients with a very short term, time defined emergency. Or it can go to a home that has had their heat shut off. There will not be financial aid given for non-crisis situations.

Once all applications have been satisfied by the Community Action Partnership that runs the service, and if there is money left, then only then may the donations from Decatur Utilities Operation Warm be used to pay the utility bills of other situations. This may be for assisting a low income family with a mid-term hardship. But as indicated, assistance will flow to other clients of Decatur Utilities only after all other situations have been covered.

Donations are only given to customers of Decatur Utilities. The person seeking help for their heating or energy bills needs to have proof of income, copies of ID/birth certificates, notes from a medical professional, and needs to have made recent payments on their utilities. Other criteria may also need to be met as well. For more details on the application process, dial (256) 552-1400.






One time or recurring donations to Decatur Utilities Operation Warm

The terms and conditions of who is assisted is noted above. On the other hand, donations to the program can come from any person, place, or business. Employees of Decatur Utilities can (and often do) contribute money to the program. This will often include people in all positions; from staff level to executive management.

Other contributions come from fund raising programs held in the community, shareholders of the company, as well as local charities. Some local businesses, even including national chains located in the region, will often contribute too. All of these sources of funds are combined together in an effort to assist as many employees of the company as possible.

For more information, or to request details on mailing address to contribute too, dial Community Action Partnership at (256) 552-1400. The customer service team will go over the process.