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Denton Municipal P-L-U-S One Program utility assistance

One time utility bill assistance from Denton Municipal P-L-U-S One Program is available from donations. The funds to keep the program running are the result of contributions from individuals, businesses, as well as fund raisers held in local towns and cities. Find how to donate to Plus One by Lending a Hand as well as the steps to take to apply for energy bill help.

Any assistance is one time only and is for an emergency. Also, the applicant needs to be out of all other options, including government resources such as LIHEAP as well as social services available across Texas. Another key criteria is that the applicant needs to be elderly, disabled, or have a very low income, so utility bill assistance is very restricted.

When applying to the Denton Municipal P-L-U-S One Program donation service, please bring proof of income. This should be all sources, such as a job, SSI disability, a pension, child support, or any other sources. Applicants also need proof of residency, proof of medical condition (if relevant), identification for all household members, and also proof of the crisis being faced. Other documentation may also be requested.

P-L-U-S One relies on the generosity of the community as well as the staff Interfaith Ministries Lending A Helping Hand. Without money being contributed from people or corporations in the state, no one would be able to be assisted. It is a great way for anyone to give back to the less fortunate, and call the company to learn how to donate.

There may also be money donated to P-L-U-S One from employees, shareholders, or management of Denton Municipal. This may match what the general public has done, or it may be above and beyond other contributions. In either case it does prove that the company also wants to assist the needy with paying their utility bills.






When struggling, the program can help keep the electricity on. After applying, the company or its non-profits will provide some funds to the vulnerable customers of Denton Municipal. As noted, this is a short term solution for the less fortunate. The utility or heating bills will only be partially paid, and the customer will need to pay the balance of the bill.

What may often happen as well is that many people that benefit from the Denton Municipal P-L-U-S One Program often give back at a later date. Once they have stabilized their finances, many individuals later donate in the concept of paying it forward. This cycle will often repeat itself over time and therefore allows thousands of families to keep their heat or power on.

For more information on how to apply, dial Interfaith Ministries at 940-349-8700. Not only may the Denton Municipal P-L-U-S One program be an option, but the customer service representatives will also provide referrals to LIHEAP or government aid. OR callers to that number can get more details on how to donate. So whether contributing or applying for utility bill help, Denton Municipal is willing to listen and provide advice.




By: Jon McNamara


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