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Donations from E.N.U.F. West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative assist with utility bills.

ne of the programs focused on helping low income families with their utility and energy bills in an emergency is Needline Utility Funds, or E.N.U.F.. It is available from West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative based on donations from the community. It presents individuals and businesses a way to give back to the community by donating to it. In addition, low income and working poor families can also seek help from it for their bills.

The goal is to help people keep their utility and heating service connected during the colder months. In some cases, if there are funds available, then summer cooling bills may also be paid. The money will hopefully prevent disconnections in the region. However, while the amount of aid from E.N.U.F. is comprehensive, it is limited as it does depend on donations.

The financial aid offered can help a household free up their money for other expenses, such as food or similar needs. So it can be very effective in some situations.

E.N.U.F. was created to be a local program for encouraging customers and businesses to donate. Anyone who receives their power from through Murray Electric Systems and West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation can decide to attach a tax deductible donation to their monthly bills, and the funds will then be provided to those that are less fortunate. 100 percent of the funds and donations raised go to help West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative customers pay their bills.

For those that need help, in order to apply for assistance from E.N.U.F., various conditions need to be met, including income and more. Applicants will go through an interview process with caseworkers. Proof of income, hardship, expense and more is needed. Everything is reviewed and will be approved on a case-by-case basis by West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative. The bottom line is that it was created to be a needs based solution and it is not a charity service. Funding is based on donations and comes with many restrictions.

If you can donate, please do so. Every dollar matters. People an contribute anywhere from $1 or more. They can give as much as they like or stop their contribution at any time. E.N.U.F. as well as the West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative encourage people to donate to the program. All donations are tax-deductible and statements are provided at the end of the year for income tax-filing purposes.

For more information, to apply or donate call one of the numbers below. Murray Electric can be reached at (270) 753-5312. Or dial WKRECC at (270) 753-2573.


By: Jon McNamara



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