Utility Bill Assistance


Electric bill help from Project Heat

Alabama offers an electric bill assistance program called Project Heat. It is an utility assistance program that was created way back in the early 1980s, and this program continues to help individuals and families with medical problems pay their electric bills. Note that Project Heat is a year-round program that is able to run with funding coming from a checkoff on local utility bills.

Many have not heard of this program. The program remains low profile and each person who applies must go through an extensive screening process before being granted assistance or any grants.

Of course there are some criteria. The prerequisite, which was established 30 years ago, was that applicants be suffering some ailment or medical condition that made paying electric bills difficult. Payments and grants provided to those in need are limited to once a year per applicant and a maximum of $200 each time, according to the program’s terms.

If you are interested in learning more, applicants may pick up an application at the Department of Human Resources and you then must bring the completed applications to the Council on Aging office at the Athens Senior Center, which is where the Project Heat board collects the applications and begins screening them for suitable candidates.






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