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EmPower Hamilton utility bill assistance

Low income families in Hamilton Ohio can be given a couple hundred dollars or so (up to $300) for paying their utility bills as the result of a program known as EmPower Hamilton. The Salvation Army as well as the municipality of Hamilton (and generous people in the community) all donate to the service, and the funds are used to help pay heating, gas, and general utility bills.

The assistance program operates during the fall, winter, and spring months, and was created as a way for people to give back to the less fortunate during the holiday seasons. As since many people in Hamilton Ohio, and really nationwide, tend to give to charity during the winter, this is when contributions occur. This is also when there tends to be the greatest need for all forms of financial help or free stuff.

EmPower Hamilton is a small scale energy bill assistance program. Generally only dozens of customers may get assistance each year, and the dollar amounts are minimal. It is usually maybe one hundred to three hundred dollars at most…not much more than that. Then again, even that will depend on funding levels too…if more money is donated to the service, then more families will get help with their light, power, and heating costs.

There are two places to either donate or to apply at. One is the city of Hamilton. The other is the Salvation Army. They work together on EmPower Hamilton. Having these two organizations (one being a charity and the other a government municipality) will help ensure the most people get help as well as the most money is donated. It also helps coordinate long term solutions for the household.

EmPower Hamilton has been assisting, on average, about 40 people per year. So, it is a small number who are supported. But for those few individuals, the funds from the utility assistance program may be just enough for them to keep their heat or lights on for a short period of time. Then, using social workers from the Salvation Army, longer term options can be explored.





Some of those longer term solutions may be cash grants from LIHEAP, payment plans with the utility company, or applying for cash assistance in Ohio. All of these are generally available to a low income family or senior citizen or elderly person. In addition, the Salvation Army in Hamilton Ohio will also address the root cause of the hardship, around employment, budgeting, or whatever. This is all part of the EmPower Hamilton service.

For more information on the Salvation Army in Hamilton Ohio, call them at(513) 863-1445. They will review the Empower donation and emergency energy assistance program with both (1) donors or (2) people applying for help.


By: Jon McNamara


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