Utility Bill Assistance


Donate to Entergy Power to Care

The primary Entergy donation program is known as The Power to Care. It is funded by donations and contributions from people in the community. It allows individuals the ability to provide utility bill assistance to neighbors in need. Most of the donations go to the disabled, senior citizens, and Louisiana families with young children or infants at home. This is the primary Entergy program for people who are facing a short term crisis.

As indicated, Power to Care is funded by donations. The money you contribute will be tax deductible. In addition, your donation (no matter how much or little it is) will be matched dollar for dollar by Entergy. They will continue to match funds up to a certain dollar amount. You can decide to donate any amount you want, whether a dollar or $5. None of the money donated will go towards administrative purposes or fund raising, and 100% of your contribution will go to help those in need in your local community. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Many senior citizens and disabled in Louisiana are struggling to keep up with their energy and utility bills. Many need to decide every month to buy their food, medications, or pay their utility bill. The Power to Care program can help these individuals. Local nonprofit agencies, such as the Salvation Army, can provide emergency assistance to qualified families. Other partners include Conservation Corps, Catholic Charities, and Second Harvest Food Bank.

A focus is on the elderly. The reason being is that senior citizens health can be particularly susceptible to the extreme hot and humid temperatures during the Louisiana summer. So it is very important for them to stay cool during the summer, and of course warm in winter.






Power to Care will coordinate emergency bill payment assistance. In addition, it doubles the impact of new one-time donations and pledges through matching shareholder contributions. As an example, if someone donates $10 then the company of Entergy will match it and donate $10. Please contribute to the program if you can, and all money will go to the less fortunate.

Entergy and the Power to Care program can provide emergency utility bill assistance to qualifying disabled and elderly customers. They work with various agencies, and primarily the parish Councils on Aging. Employees from the company in Louisiana are also continually reaching out to local charitable organizations and churches in an effort to help supply water to cooling centers across the state service territory.