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Essex County Last Stop utility assistance

Find how to apply, or donate to, Essex County Last Stop. This is an assistance program that uses contributions from the community in an effort to help families pay their utility bills, with up to $500 paid in the winter. Most of the aid is for heating as well as gas costs during the winter, but the bottom line is that there is some form of support for struggling families.

Any form of utility bill assistance from Essex County Last Stop is combined with other resources too. The most common one being LIHEAP, as this is the nation's main program for helping households with an income under 150% of poverty levels. However the enrollment period for LIHEAP is a long one, and the money often runs out. This is when a family often needs to explore other resources.

The service is paid for using donations. Money comes from people in the community, local businesses, and charity groups such as the Salvation Army. In addition, Essex County has a board of Trustees that also contribute corporate funds to the program. Or they will in effect match other donations from the community to greatly increase their capacity.

The only use of these funds will be to provide energy bill assistance to those who are in desperate need of help. Applications need to have been submitted to HEAP first, or they can't be qualified for it. They also need to be faced with some other exceptional circumstances, such as have a medical condition or have their health or safety at risk. This in effect means that Essex County Last Stop is focused on the most vulnerable in the community, such as senior citizens or parents with sick kids.

Essex County customers (or even those who live in other communities) can donate in many ways. There are one time contributions that can be mailed in. Or they can add a monthly amount each month to their current utility bill, and this is called Round Up. Another way is to ask a local charity, such as the Salvation Army.

Applying for Essex County Last Stop is easier than say LIHEAP. But the process will still take time, and any funds for paying utility bills are very limited. First, any money only pays a portion of the bill, and people are limited as to how many times they can apply. This is because the donations provided are finite in nature. Not every application can be fulfilled.






When seeking help for utility costs, bring copies of unpaid bills, income documentation, information from your doctor, or job termination letter. Those are only some of what may be required. The company may ask for more as well, and no one is entitled to assistance for their utility bills.

In general, the customer will be given a credit on their account. Cash aid will not be provided. This helps cut back on any abuse (or even fraud) in the Essex County Last Stop program. For more details on donation or applying for help, dial 518-873-3207.


By: Jon McNamara


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