Utility Bill Assistance


Hartselle Utilities Operation Warm utility assistance

One of the ways for people to give back to the community is to donate to Hartselle Utilities Operation Warm. This program was created to help customers pay their utility bills when they have no other options available to them. It is a resource of last resort, with a focus on those families with a senior citizen living there, young child, or someone facing a medical emergency.

One advantage of contributing to Operation Warm is that the program is targeted to people facing a short term crisis/exceptional circumstances. Understanding that any donated money is hard earned by the person (or businesses) that contributes it, Hartselle Utilities as well as their partners will use the funds wisely. Each applicant is closely screened and only those that are truly deserving will receive assistance. This of course will also depend on funds even being available.

Also, any donations from the community will not pay for administrative costs. Most people will also receive a charitable deduction on their state and federal taxes, so the net amount they contribute will be offset at tax time. Lastly, the management at Hartselle Utilities as well as shareholders may also contribute some matching grants to help scale up the program too.

Applications can be sent to Hartselle Utilities Operation Warm as well. Before doing this, the customer should have applied to other charitable and government run energy bill assistance programs first, such as LIHEAP or many others. There will be proof of that needed as well as income, what caused the hardship, and why someone is seeking utility bill help. Various forms of documentation are required during the process, and funds are only issued to a small number of families.

When money is provided by Hartselle Utilities Operation Warm, the program will only pay a portion of the utility expense that is due. Also, the assistance is one time only. People should consider this to be a hand-up to help for short term needs and this is not a hand-up. So the funds can provide a customer of Hartselle Utilities with very short term relief.






Since the funding is limited, grants will only be issued to a limited number of applicants. There will tend to be a focus of using the donated money on senior citizens as well as the sick or families with children. Another priority is on helping people that are battling an illness, as often for them the need for constant electricity is critical.

If this program does not work out for the person, the the customer service team (or local social service agencies) can offer referrals to other options. While some people may find it hard to believe, Hartselle Utilities does not want to cut off the power to a home. They do what they can to assist with utilities, or they can provide people information on other programs that may assist them. For more information, to contribute, or apply for help, call (256) 773-3340 to reach a representative.