Utility Bill Assistance



Utility assistance from Huntsville power

Thousands of people in the Huntsville Alabama region are facing a hardship with their utility bills. During the summertime heat, there are stories of people who live in small homes or apartments who are being charged $300 or $400 per month for utility bills.

The utility company does offer an assistance program known as the Huntsville Assistance Program. The program helps low income and other people pay their utility bills, and it offers them advice as well. According to spokespeople, the office that administers the program is receiving about 125 calls for help a day, which is up about 15-20% from previous years.

The need for help is high across the board. The weak economy and heat is unforgiving. Combine that with job losses from a poor economy, and more people are struggling. No only that, many of the customers live on social security or fixed incomes, and when someone has a low income and a very large utility bill, they don't equate very well and they are difficult to pay off.

Many of the clients of Huntsville Assistance Program are low income and/or elderly, and they have trouble breathing when it gets so hot. Still others who need aid are single mothers with small children who need to stay cool. What is more striking is that many middle class people are now seeking help, and these are often people who never needed assistance in the past.

The Huntsville Assistance Program can only pay utility bills for around 30 or 35 families a week as the funding for the program is limited. Unfortunately not everyone can be helped. While all people wish that  they could do more to assist those in need, but with the economy affecting every class and sector of business, she says the program is strained as well for funding.

But this program is just one option. The best thing you can do if you're struggling to pay a high bill from Huntsville Utilities is to call them as soon as possible. They are willing to work with you to design a payment plan if at all possible. Make sure you call before the bill is due, as if you wait, it will be too late.

Dial (256) 535-1200 to learn more or apply for help.