Utility Bill Assistance


Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share utility bill assistance.

Seniors citizens, the sick, disabled, or people facing an unexpected crisis in Michigan can get utility bill help from Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share. The program is for an emergency only, as a last resort, and when the customer has applied to (and used up) all other local energy bill assistance programs.

The program is paid for using donations from employees, charities, and the company in Michigan. All of the money collected each and every year (100% of it) is given to qualified customers. No donated funds are kept for administrative costs.

The amount of donations fluctuate each year. Most of the money is given during the second half of each year, from November to December when people look for tax breaks and/or want to give back. But in general, there may be tens of thousands of dollars contribute to the Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share program each year, with the money helping to pay hundreds of local energy bills. Indiana Michigan Power only that, but the company will also provide some matching grants to help scale up the service.

To donate to the program, enter into the Operation Round Up program or make a one time contribution. The contribution, no matter the dollar amount, goes to help pay utility bills. The funds may pay light or electric bills, heating, has, or really any type.

Financial help with utilities from Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share

First of all, this is a program of last resort. The Indiana Michigan Power customer should have applied for, and used up, all their LIHEAP grants for the year. They also need to have shown the ability to conserve energy and cut back on usage. In addition, other local non-profits need to have been explored too. Only when all of that has been done, and can be proving, will a donation from Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share maybe be available.






There may be tens of thousands of dollars paid out each year in the state of Michigan as part of the assistance program. However it does change based on donation levels; when more money is contributed more money is paid to low income families. And vice versa when the donation levels are down in a year.

Since this is an utility bill assistance program of last resort, applicants should be prepared when applying. They need to bring proof of income. They should also bring proof of LIHEAP benefits, residency, what type of assistance (or denial letters) they received from local charities, copies of any benefits, and more supporting documentation.

If/when approved for assistance from Energy Share, then no cash will be paid out. Rather the client will be given a credit on their account. It will be directly applied to any past and/or future utility bills, no matter the type. This ensure the program is targeted and helps ensure no fraud is in the system.

For more information on any aspect of Indiana Michigan Power Energy Share (whether donating or applying for help) call the Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency at 269-925-9077. Or talk to a local non-profit or social service agency, as many in the community have information on this program.