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Indiana Power Energy Share utility programs

Donations from individuals, businesses as well as Indiana Power were used to create Energy Share. The program is focused on households with at risk members, such as children or the elderly. Money that is raised will be used to assist with utility bills. However, this particular service relies strictly on funds raised from the community, so customers that have the ability to contribute are encouraged to do so.

Energy Share is flexible in both how people can donate as well as apply. When it comes to contributing,  donations are accepted on a recurring monthly basis or as a one time contribution. This can be done using the monthly utility bill, or separate checks can be mailed in. Applications for assistance will be provided as well by Indiana Power, and any customer that is behind on their utilities can call for more information.

When donating to this utility bill assistance program, people need to know in most cases the contribution is tax deductible. So if someone contributes say $10, they will often get a deduction on both their state and federal taxes, however individuals should review their own situation. This will in effect reduce the net dollar amount spend by the donor.

Also, in most cases, Indiana Power will match any donations. Using the example above, if a $10 contribution is made, management from the company will donate some of their own matching funds. So there may be a few or several dollars added to this, which makes it even more effective.

It is important to note that the money contributed will stay local. The donations stay in the community, and it is even possible that a donation could literally help a neighbor or someone in the same town. So funds are not being sent out of state, and the assistance will make an impact in the local region.






Indiana Power customers that need assistance can apply. Note that Energy Share is only for a crisis. There will also be priority for those with unusual circumstances, such as the elderly or disabled. Many of the applicants also have a medical condition, or maybe a sick member of the home. This is not an entitlement program and any assistance for energy bills is targeted.

Another focus is to keep the heat or utilities on. So when someone donates to the fund, they can note that their generous contribution will make a difference in the life of someone that is less fortunate. There have been thousands of families over the years that have been able to keep their power on as a result of the generous donations of people and businesses to Indiana Power. People of all ages, races, and religions have benefited.

Anyone that needs more information, on whether to donate or to apply for assistance, can contact the company at 1-800-311-4634. Or they should call a local non-profit in their town or city, as many agencies are also aware of it.


By: Jon McNamara


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