Utility Bill Assistance


Jackson Electric Cooperative utility bill donations.

Jackson Electric participates in the Project SHARE program, and this is also available statewide. What occurs is that the Salvation Army collects donations from households across the service territory, and all of the funds are used to help low income families with their utility bills.

Hundreds of customers have been assisted over the years, and Project SHARE has allowed many people to keep their power on. The aid is targeted at Jackson Electric households facing a one time crisis and that would be at risk without heat or power. The reasons this occurs is that this was discovered to be the best use of donations, and those who contribute do not want to see their money used for paying the bills of someone that is in constant poverty and that is not taking the initiative to end the cycle.

Any money donated will stay in the local territory, and it may even help you keep your less fortunate or struggling neighbors power on. This is one reason the service is also commonly known as Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Or it can help keep the power on of a senior who lives down the road from you.

Project SHARE is limited in scope, and while Jackson Electric would like to help anyone that is struggling, it is not possible.  Also, local non-profits will process applications to it and determine eligibility requirements for assistance.

The service is paid for by Jackson Electric utility customers who donate a portion of their hard earned income through their monthly utility bills. Contributions are forwarded to non-profit partners such as the Salvation Army. They can review and process applications, and process funds to Jackson Electric customers who are found to be qualified.

Any dollar amount is needed, and the contribution will not go to waste. People can pledge a contribution of $1, $5, or $10 each month, or they can make a one time donation of any amount they choose. The amount selected will be automatically added to your monthly electric bill each and every month, and donations can be stopped at any time. Project SHARE relies on the generosity of neighbors to keep it running.






Any Jackson Electric that is struggling and wants to apply should call the company for an application center. There are many locations across the county in which people can apply, and the homebound may have additional options available to them. The funds are limited and only a small number of applications will be fulfilled.

Funds from Project SHARE will focus on the truly vulnerable, and Jackson Electric will focus on the elderly and those with a short term crisis, such as a medical emergency. To apply for help with utility bills or to donate to help the vulnerable, call them.