Utility Bill Assistance


Joe Wheeler Electric Operation Warm utility bill assistance

Find assistance for paying utility bills from Joe Wheeler Electric Operation Warm. This is a program, that using donations from the public, offers qualified low income customers money to pay their bills so they can keep their power on. It is a program of last resort and is for emergencies only, and the dial Community Action of North Alabama runs it.

All of the donations are tax deductible, both in the state of Alabama as well as federal level. The IRS income tax code allows the Operation Warm program to qualify for a deduction. In addition, 100% of the money goes to pay utility bills and not other program costs.

Not only does the donor get an income tax deduction, as well as know their contribution will be used wisely, but they can also be rest assured that all of the money is used for only the most needs. In fact, Joe Wheeler Electric funds are also used to supplement the amount of contributions to the Joe Wheeler Electric Operation Warm program, which allows even more people to get the energy bill assistance they need. This means that if $1000 is donated during the course of the year, the company may match that by 50%, so a total of $1500 will now be available.

Any dollar amount can be donated. Whether it is $5 or $1, it is used wisely. Then the amounts are pooled together so that there is a bigger bang for the buck, and there is more money available for paying utility bills. In fact, over the course of the year, there may be thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars collected for the use of this energy assistance program.

For those customers of Joe Wheeler Electric that are struggling to keep up with their utility bills due to an unforeseen event, they can apply for assistance. There will be small amounts of money available, and not much more than that. But maybe the funds from this donation service will be just enough to allow the low income customer to keep their power or maybe heat on.






Applicants need to have a low income and/or be facing an exceptional crisis. Proof of the emergency, crisis, income, employment, expenses, and much more is required as well. The applications are accepted by both (1) the customer support term as well as (2) local charities in the region.

The application process will involve a review of the applicant’s records as well as a formal intake process. This will mean either a face to face appointment or a formal phone call for the homebound, both of which allow the case worker to obtain the information they need to get the assistance they require. As not only will Joe Wheeler Electric Operation Warm be explored, but the intake process will also involve a review of public aid, energy conservation or weatherization programs, and much more. All of this can be combined together to help the low income family keep their power on.

When applying, be sure to have paperwork and other information in order. This will help streamline and accelerate the application process. This may allow a cash grant to be paid out in less time, and all of the funds will go to the Joe Wheeler Electric Operation Warm utility bill assistance program. For more information or details on applying or donating, dial Community Action of North Alabama at (256) 355-7843.