Utility Bill Assistance



Assistance from Kansas Gift of Warmth.

Individuals who need help with heating and utility bills may be able to qualify for this program, which also goes by the name of Share the Warmth. Several agencies, non-profits, and utility companies have partnered together to offer this assistance program to Kansas residents.

The Salvation Army Kansas, Atmos Energy Customers, Western Missouri Division and Kansas Gas Service have all partnered together to contribute and administer the Gift of Warmth assistance program.

The program is available to Kansas families who reside in over 80 counties throughout the state, many of which are served by Kansas Gas Service. Applicants to the Gift of Warmth program are not required to be customers of Kansas Gas Service, and they can receive their utility service from any company. The program is funded by contributions from customers, charities, private organizations, and other agencies. Generous contributions of Kansas Gas Service customers and the ONEOK Foundation also contribute to funding.

The Share or Gift of Warmth program is targeted at those people who are facing financial emergencies, and the program will help them pay their home heating costs and utility bills, and stay warm through the winter and year.






The assistance program is primarily designed to help the unemployed, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, low income, and those whose immediate cash resources simply cannot cover their home heating expenses and energy bills. The Salvation Army uses your donations to make payments directly to the utility or fuel supplier on behalf of the person chosen to receive the financial aid.

Type of assistance provided

It helps all heating and utility sources. The Kansas Gift of Warmth fund provides cash and financial contributions to low income and other qualifying families regardless of their energy source for heating or utilities, including natural gas, propane, electric, fuel oil, heating oil or firewood.

Dial 1-800-794-4780 to learn more about the Share or Gift of Warmth program.


By: Jon McNamara


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