Utility Bill Assistance


Lafayette Utility System Share the Light utility bill assistance.

The funds from Lafayette Utility System Share the Light for paying utility bill are for the following types of struggling customers. Qualifying families generally include:

  • -Senior citizens, the elderly, or homebound.
  • -Anyone with a physical or mental disability.
  • -Single moms or dads who are struggling to keep up with paying their utility bills, housing, and other expenses for their child.
  • -Lafayette Utility System customers with an unexpected financial crisis, including medical emergency, job loss (that they did not cause), death of a wage earner, or another challenge.
  • -After all other resources, including LIHEAP and others, have been applied for.

Now of course anyone can apply to Lafayette Utility System Share the Light. But the chances of getting a cash grant from the donation program, or its partner Lafayette Catholic Service Center, will be reduced if the applicant does not fall into a category above. For example, if there is a customer who was just living beyond their means, and is now in arrears on their energy bills, they are more than likely not going to qualify for help. Instead any donations, which are limited, go to the truly needy.

Donations come from many sources as well. In fact, the money can often come from anywhere. There tend to be thousands of dollars collected each year for the Lafayette Utility System Share the Light service, and 100% of that goes to helping the less fortunate pay their utility bills. That being said, typical donors tend to include the following.

  • -Existing customers of Lafayette Utility System who want to give back, and they do so by one time donations or monthly contributions from Round Up.






  • -The company itself matches many other donations to ramp up the effect of them.
  • -Employees, management, and executives all contribute to help the less fortunate pay their utility bills, and many donate a portion of their paycheck.
  • -Groups in the LST serve territory hold fund raisers, and that may be a church, Salvation Army, or some other charity group.

Goals on Lafayette Utility System Share the Light.

There are in fact three of them. One is to help struggling customers keep their heat, lights, and power on. This is one a grant can be given for paying utility bills.

Another goal is around conservation. Any customer that qualifies will also be given free tips on saving money by doing things such as adding insulation, caulking, or even applying for weatherization. As long term assistance for utility bills is most effective when the total cost is lower.

Lastly, it provides a means to give back to the community. This is where the donation part comes into play. People of all ages, incomes and means can decide to give back, knowing that they can help a struggling family pay their utility bills.

There are a few places to go to learn more, apply, or donate. One is a social service agency, including DHS or the Salvation Army. Or of course call Lafayette Utility System or Catholic Center. The main phone number to dial for information on this or some other program is 337-233-7788.