Utility Bill Assistance


Marietta Power and Water Project SHARE donation and assistance program.

People that donate to Project SHARE in the Marietta Georgia area will have their contributions stay local, and the money is used to help disadvantaged customers pay their utility bills when they are facing a hardship. There may be funds for electric and other costs, depending on donation levels and several other factors that have been put into place.

Partnering with many non-profit companies, namely the Salvation Army, the Marietta Power and Water company works to both collect money from the community and ensure it goes to the correct people. Contributions can be made by private individuals, local businesses, and there are occasional fund raisers held by local groups. There is even often money donated by employees of Marietta Power and Water, and all of the funds are targeted at the less fortunate.

The cost of energy bills continues to rise. While Marietta Power and Water does its best to limit the increases to its customers, the fact is it is really out of their control as the prices depending on the cost of fuel and natural resources, among other factors. So for those customers that find it difficult to keep up with their monthly utility bills and that are then hit by some form of crisis, the company is there, with its partners, to help.

Not only are they involved in raising money, but Project SHARE will also on occasion match customer contributions. So if someone donates $10, then the power company may match that, even up to $10 in some cases. So please do donate, as a contribution goes a long way to helping the less fortunate.

When seeking help for electric bills, it is important to note that Project SHARE is an emergency program only, and it is not a government subsidy. The only reason it operates is due to donations from the community, so the funds are limited and are focused on otherwise stable people that have a onetime crisis. Funds can be used to pay a number of utility costs, such as electric, water, or even gas. In some cases, the non-profits will provide the issuance of money for other critical bills or household expenses.





Project SHARE is available across the entire service territory, and for that matter the state of Georgia. Marietta Power and Water will keep the money in the local communities, and ensure it is spent wisely on those that truly need assistance. Call the company to apply for help.

On the other hand, any dollar amount can be donated, whether $1 or $100. In most cases the money is tax deductible. When deciding to donate to it, there are different options to select, including recurring monthly contributions or one time donations. Call the company to either apply or contribute, or for more information, dial 1-800-25-SHARE.