Utility Bill Assistance



Financial assistance from MidAmerican Energy in Iowa

This utility company, which has operations in several states in the Midwest, only offers a few utility bill assistance programs for its customers. However like all other Iowa companies MidAmerican is committed to offer some forms of aid.

Get financial help and cash assistance from the MidAmerican Energy I CARE assistance program. It does not provide direct financial aid to customers, how I CARE funds your local community action agency in Iowa, which will then forward the money directly to the individual or family who has applied for help. The program truly does focus on providing financial assistance and cash grants for paying utility and heating bills and home weatherization. All funds administered by the I Care assistance program are paid out directly toward helping low to moderate income customers in your local town, city, and community in Iowa. Call your local community action agency and reference this resource. Read more

Medical and life support program - For people with a critical life threatening emergency, or who are on life support, MidAmerican Energy will ensure your power is not turned off, provided you meet qualifications as established by the program.

MidAmerican Energy is a big advocate of the federal government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This program can help people pay their utility bills on a recurring month to month basis, and they can also provide emergency aid to prevent a disconnection of service. This later is called the LIHEAP crisis component.

HomeCheck and Weatherization - Weatherization is a free program that can help customers save hundreds of dollars on their utility bills. On the other hand, HomeCheck is also another free program, and it will provide an energy assessment for homes built before December 31, 1994 and it can include installation of water heater blanket, low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads, and pipe insulation.

Call MidAmerican Energy at 888-427-5632 to get financial assistance or learn more.