Utility Bill Assistance


Mobile Gas assistance programs

Mobile Gas recommends that customers who are struggling with paying their utility bill to call them. They need to call right away, and should not hesitate. What may sometimes happen is an individuals asks for help too late in the process, which limits the number and type of options that are available to them.

Mobile Gas Payment Plans and Special Arrangements

Every years thousands of Alabama households struggle to pay their energy bill and face disconnection. If you are one of those customers that is having difficulty paying your monthly gas bill, the energy provider recommends that you call Mobile Gas right away. Never wait until you are faced with a disconnection. At that point in time the amount and type of assistance that can be provided to you will be greatly limited. In many instances  Mobile Gas will make special arrangements with you to establish a payment plan that is based on the customers individual circumstances.

Assistance from non-profits and charities

Mobile Gas keeps an extensive list of non-profit and charity organizations that provide energy help. When a customer needs some short term financial assistance Mobile Gas can oftentimes refer an individual to one of these non-profit organizations that operates in Alabama.

Monthly service charge waived

Those customers of Mobile Gas who currently receive government aid, including either Supplemental Security Income (SSD payments or Aid to Dependent Children may be able to have the customer charge waived from their monthly gas bill. There are a few other conditions that need to be met as well. A state of Alabama agency will need to verify you as an SSI or ADC recipient as part of this potential assistance program. In order to learn more or to receive the waiver of the monthly customer charge on your gas bill, please apply at any of the Mobile Gas offices for this particular option. Also please note that the gas account must be in the name of the SSI or ADC recipient for the three most recent months in order to get assistance.

Call Mobile Gas at 251.476.8052 to get help, or for information about these or other payment plans.