Utility Bill Assistance


NES Project Help utility assistance donations

Project Help is a resource from Nashville Electric Services (NES), and the company uses donations from the community to assist the less fortunate. Any type of assistance is for emergencies only, with a goal of keeping the power on and people cool during the summer or warm during the winter.

NES customers will donate money to the program, and most people select a recurring contribution in order to do this. The  amount can be any dollar amount that the person is comfortable with, and it can be as little as a dollar or much more. If someone does select a recurring contribution, then they can stop it at any time, or decrease or increase the amount as well. To start this process, dial 615-736-6900.

Also, one time contributions can be made as well. This can also be any dollar amount, and there are no restrictions or limits in place. People from across the Nashville region may also mix and match the services, but using a recurring donations and then adding additional funds as needed. There are Donation Forms that can be used, or call the company. Or one other innovative way to contribute is to use the Kroger Community Rewards Card program.

In many cases, Nashville Electric Services will also try to contribute to Project Help. They may offer matching grants based on other donations collected, or employees or management at the company will provide additional funds to help customers with their utilities.

When contributing to the program, donors can feel confident that the money will be used wisely. This will only be for emergencies, and the funds are kept local as well. Most of the assistance for paying utility bills is targeted at seniors or the disabled, or it will help low income families facing a short term crisis.

Several non-profits in Nashville partner with NES on screening applications and disbursing funds. There is Big Brothers of Nashville and other groups, and they will ensure there is no waster or fraud in the system. Also, for individuals that contribute, the agency will ensure that proof of this is given to them for income tax filing reasons.






People that need assistance can call Big Brothers to apply, or call NES. There will be various forms of proof needed, such as around income and what the hardship may be. Applicants to Project Help will need to have supporting information for all household members, have a plan in place for self-sufficiency and other documentation. If the cause of the hardship is medical condition, the doctors notes will be required in order to receive assistance.

The funds for utility bills rely on donations, so many people will not qualify, or the money may run out. In those cases, there may be other agencies in Tennessee to cal for help, such as LIHEAP or government aid. For more details or to apply for Project help, call 615-736-6900.