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New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Project Care utility bill assistance

Operating across the New Hampshire Electric Co-Op service territory, the Project Care program can assist with paying utility bills when a crisis starts. The program, which uses donations from many sources, is short term in nature and is made to be another option for helping low income families. New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Project Care is intended to be combined with other government programs, such as LIHEAP or weatherization, and it can also be coordinated with local non-profits.

It may take weeks to apply for assistance and to be approved, and the funds available from the service will pay a portion of the utility bill that is due. The donation service will never pay the entire bill. The household will need to come up with balance on the account, but they can use whatever means they want to do this. If they have funds from friends, family, or even LIHEAP, that can be combined with the donated money from New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Project Care.

The company realizes that from time to time a family may need a little assistance to keep up with their energy bills. That is both why they helped create this program, and this is also why they will tend to match some of the donations to it. So if the community at large contributes say $50,000 over the course of the year, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative will match a portion of this.

Management as well as employees will often also donate as well. This is yet another way that the corporation shows their commitment to the less fortunate. All of the corporate contributions are applied directly for heating or utility bills, and there are no administrative costs to this. As noted, anyone can donate (using the number below), so feel free to give back to the community.

Goal of New Hampshire Electric Co-Op Project Care

The way it works is all of the donated money from the company, public, fundraisers, and others is combined together in one big pool. Funds are mostly collected as part of Rounding up a bill. Then applications are accepted, with priority given to seniors, disabled, and families with an unexpected crisis (such as a medical issue). 100% of contributions are given to qualified low income families.






Depending on the money raised, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Project Care can assist hundreds of families per year. It will help pay utility bills to keep gas or heat on. Some customers use the funds to keep their lights on. As long as it is related to a utility bill, the program can be used to assist with that need.

One goal is to help minimize the crisis that the family is facing. Maybe it is just enough assistance for the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative customer so they can keep their heat on while LIHEAP kicks into effect. Or maybe Project Care will allow the customer time to work another shift on their job and they can then use that money for paying their energy bill.

There are multiple ways to donate to the service as well as to apply. This is an option as New Hampshire Electric Cooperative Project Care is organized by both the company as well as non-profits in the companies territory. Another goal is to make the program as flexible as possible. For more information, including to learn how to apply, call 1-800-698-2007.


By: Jon McNamara


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