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New York LHEAP program.

The New York State Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LHEAP) begins each and every November. The program is really intended to help low income residents, the elderly, and also disabled pay for their heating, cooling, and utility bills.

This winter, the maximum benefit provided per household is $700, however the amount provided can change from year to year, and it depends on the level of government funding.

This year, New York has increased eligibility levels for the program, so this season, a family of four with a total income of $46,837 would be eligible for HEAP benefits.

While eligible households can only get one HEAP cash grant / benefit per season, the good news is that people may also be eligible for an emergency benefit if they are about to run out of fuel or if their utility services have been shut off. This is called a crisis grant.

If you are interested in learning more or applying, applications for the program are mailed to all households that received a HEAP payment the previous year, and applications can be returned by mail. If you did not receive any aid in the previous year, new applicants must go to their local Social Services office to apply or learn more.

There are some conditions and requirements to applying. You need to bring documentation when applying for LHEAP, including one or more of the following: a birth certificate, Social Security card, Baptismal certificate, driver’s license or marriage certificate for each member of the household, school records, and proof of address via a rent receipt, mortgage payment book, deed or copy of lease or water, a copy of a sewage or tax bill. In addition, members of the applying household must be a United States citizen or they must be a qualified alien.

To determine if you qualify for HEAP or other benefits, visit www.myBenefits.ny.gov online or call your local Department of Social Services.





By: Jon McNamara


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