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Ohio Edison Project Reach utility assistance

Customers that are overwhelmed with their financial situation, and that need help in paying their utility bills, can apply to the Salvation Army for information on Ohio Edison Project Reach. The program is available to assist certain low to moderate income customers that are in a crisis. Using donations from the community, there are funds available to help pay energy bills of the disabled, elderly, and families in a short term emergency.

The aim is to assist the customer so that they can keep their utilities on for a defined period of time. Donations of money from the community, including individuals, businesses, and employees of Ohio Edison, allow this entire program to operate.

For those households that have a financial crisis, Ohio Edison Project Reach is there for them. It can help people working full time, or those that just had a reduction in hours. It assists individuals living on a pension or disability benefits, it supports single parents, and the program is available to help many other people pay their energy costs.

Tax free donations

The fact is that every dollar given to the service is used wisely, so it counts. There could be dozens, if not hundreds, of families assisted each year. All customer contributions to the program go directly to people in need. Many are able to maintain their utility services as a result of this financial assistance. The donations from individuals and business customers, as well as employee contributions, make a significant difference in the community.

The money in the donation comes solely from customers of all backgrounds who give as little as 50 cents extra when they pay their utility bill every month. The funds also come from employees and management at the company, who sometimes match other donors or they give a little of their paycheck each month.





The money is used to pay electric or heating costs. It can also cover natural gas, propane, and other bills. For those people that do donate to Project Reach, the fact is that no expenses are deducted by the company or the administrative team.  In addition, another benefit to contributing (not only helping the less fortunate) is that all contributions to the program are tax-deductible, so there will be a deduction available on state of Ohio and federal income taxes. The donor will also receive a tax statement at the end of the year that they can use when filing.

Applications to Ohio Edison Project Reach

This is a crisis only assistance program. That means that energy bills are paid on a one-off basis, if and when funding allow and all conditions are met. It will only normally pay for one bill; but that can sometimes make a big difference in the life of a customer. As it gives them time to get back on track.

The financial aid is limited too. It is just enough to pay some or all of the bill at an amount that keeps the power from being shut off. It will not always pay for the entire balance due. But as noted, it gives the customer time to address the root cause of the emergency they are facing. They then have the opportunity to apply for LIHEAP or other payment plans.

For more information on the Ohio Edison Project Reach program (or other services available), call the Salvation Army at 1-800-633-4766.


By: Jon McNamara


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