Utility Bill Assistance



Donations from E.N.U.F. West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative assist with utility bills.

Emergency utility bill assistance may be obtained from Owensboro Municipal Utilities Community Cares Program. This program, which is created using the generous donations of the community as well as partnership with the Salvation Army, is one of the options available to low income, struggling customers. Any funds from Community Cares Program are often combined with other services, ranging from LIHEAP grants to payment plans, energy conservation tips, and much more.

Financial aid to pay for utility bills from Community Cares Program is very limited. The biggest reason is due to the primary approach used to raise money, which is donations. This means that any customer of OMU who needs help should not rely on the program. Instead they should implement conservation approaches on their own (or with advice from the company), apply for weatherization or LIHEAP, and seek energy bill help from charities. In addition, if they are currently in arrears on their energy bills, there may be payment plans available as well as rules and regulations to follow around disconnections.

Tax deductible donations – This is what pays for Owensboro Municipal Utilities Community Cares Program. The contributions come from many sources, including the following.

  • Donations from individuals in the community as well as charities, non-profits, and other groups.
  • Employees and management at OMU can contribute a portion of their paycheck.
  • OMU matches funds raised as well, which allows even more people to get assistance for their utilities.
  • Grants and other one time contributions for energy bill assistance can come from the United Way, government grants, and other sources.

No matter where the money comes from, 100% of it goes to pay for Community Cares Program. This also means that 100% of the donated money goes to help less fortunate pay their utility or heating bills. There is no money kept to pay for any administrative costs. The benefit here is it encourages more people (or businesses) to donate as the funds can make a difference.






Assistance from OMU Community Cares Program

As noted above, 100 percent of the money donated goes to help families in need. Or there may be energy bill help for individuals, with a focus on vulnerable ones such as a senior citizen who may live on their own. Or maybe a homebound, disabled person can get priority for help as well.

When applying for OMU Community Cares Program, the program is for emergencies only. The funds can help a customer keep their heat on. Or pay a portion of a natural gas or light bill. The applicant needs to be facing a crisis, and the program was not intended to serve as a long-term solution. But rather the financial aid is one time only.

In order to receive assistance from the donation program, bring proof of income; hardship; copies of identification (for all household members); and proof of future income. The applicant needs to have a plan in place (and be able to follow) so they can become self-sufficient again in the future. They need to prove the ability to pay for energy bills on their own without any additional financial assistance from Owensboro Municipal Utilities Community Cares Program.

For more details on Community Cares Program, whether to donate or apply for utility bill assistance, call 270-926-3200. Or inquire at a local community action or social service agency.


By: Jon McNamara


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