Utility Bill Assistance


PC Electric Financial aid utility bill assistance

PC Electric has assistance programs, and it is one option that can help struggling customers pay some of their utility bills. Using cash donations from the companies service territory, the program was created by PC Electric, Trustees, and social services agencies as an emergency energy bill assistance program.

As with any form of financial support though, it is limited. The limits are due to (1) donation levels (2) the demand from the public (3) and the fact the program was never intended to be a one stop solution. This means that anyone who applies for utility bill assistance from PC Electric Financial aid will also need to take other steps, on their own, in order to get help.

Forms of assistance from PC Electric

Financial aid is one option. This is the result of donations as well as partnerships with social service agencies, the Salvation Army, community action agencies, and other groups. They all work together to raise donations, review and approve applications for financial aid, and more.

Applications can be provided by the company or social service agencies. Utility bill help may be given to those with proof of income, residency, as well as identification of all household members. When applying for energy bill assistance (whether from PC Electric Financial aid or other program) all sources of income must be reviewed – SSI, pensions, child support, etc.

PC Electric Financial aid is also generally combined with other forms of financial assistance. Due to the donations and other factors, it is impossible for Financial aid to pay 100% of any bill. Therefore the other utility bill assistance programs that may be available include:





-LIHEAP : This is the main state of Louisiana as well as federal government funded program. Cash grants help pay energy, heating, electric, light, and other bills.

-Weatherization: A free energy conservation program. Low income PC electric customers can have updates and improvements made to their home, all of which will help them save money on their bills.

-Payment plans: Many customers who benefit from the PC Electric Financial aid donation service also benefit from additional resources, one being a payment plan. It may help them lower their monthly costs.

-Charitable aid: Charities provide financial help as well, including the Salvation Army, churches, community action agencies and others. Most is grant based.

There may be other forms of assistance as well. The customer service team at PC Electric will assess the applications needs, income, and other factors. While donations from PC Electric Financial aid are one option, if the funds for paying utility bills run out then other programs may be assessed.

Next steps

This will depend on whether the person is a donor or applicant seeking financial help. Donations can be made on a one time basis or through a round up service. They can be made at any time, and any dollar amount is 100% given to qualified low income customers.

Applications to the service can be obtained from the company or a local social service agency. For more information on the PC Electric Financial aid utility bill assistance program, or those other options noted above, dial 1-800-738-7232.