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Pennsylvania Power Company and Reach Hardship Fund donation fund.

In a crisis, the Reach Hardship Fund uses donations and contributions to help families pay their utility bills. The program is available from Pennsylvania Power Company and the money that is donated is for emergency situations. Its customers, the company, and local businesses all contribute money to the program.

Since the 1980s, Pennsylvania Power Company has been offering emergency financial assistance and cash grants to low income and working poor families in its service territory. Many individuals, in particular seniors and the disabled, who are experiencing difficulty paying heating bills may also qualify for assistance. It is run in partnership with different non-profit agencies.

As noted, the program relies on contributions from the greater Pennsylvania community, including businesses and individuals. Every dollar raised and that is donated to the Reach Hardship Fund is tax-deductible, so if you donate a break will be provided on your annual income tax returns. The money will also make a big difference for someone who desperately needs help to stay warm during the cold winter months. Using your generous donations and assistance, Reach Hardship Fund will continue to offer emergency energy assistance to those Pennsylvania Power Company households who need it most.

The company, its employees, and shareholders also donate. In fact, oftentimes the company will match peoples donations to make an even bigger impact. The money will help families in need stay warm this winter.

There are different ways to contribute. Pennsylvania Power Company allows checks to be mailed in, donate via text, and people can add money to their monthly utility bills. The ways to donate can assist Pennsylvania Power Company allow the company to expand options for struggling families and households.






In order to apply, any Pennsylvania Power Company customer whose household meets the income guidelines of the federal government funded Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) may apply. Other conditions are in place too.

The funding available is very limited. As noted, it is for people facing a short term emergency or crisis situation, and proof of this will be required as well. The assistance for heating bills is a once per year grant and this is not meant to assist customers month in and out. So Reach Hardship Fund has several restrictions in place.

A formal application is required as well. To get a list of non-profit agencies where you can apply, dial 1-800-720-3600 for more information. In general, someone at the company or a non-profit will also take and process your application over the phone.





By: Jon McNamara


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