Utility Bill Assistance



Project Share Huntsville Utilities donation program

Donations from the public and local businesses are used by Huntsville Utilities to assist the disabled and elderly in the state. The name of the program is Project Share. Most of the aid is used to pay heating bills but from time to time there may be funds for paying cooling bills. There are income conditions in place, including some form of unplanned financial hardship or emergency.

Project Share was mainly created to help elderly and disabled residents. It supports both Huntsville Utilities and other qualified families in Alabama. Funds are used to help pay their utility bills, which can include heating and/or air conditioning. Donations are always needed, and with the still weak economy and heating bills high, contributions for the program are low.

Both the Salvation Army and the utility company work together on it. It normally runs from January from March of each year, and that is when applications are accepted. In a normal year tens of thousands of dollars are raised from the community and hundreds of Huntsville customers receive assistance. Many of these are seniors or people that live on a fixed income. They are able to stay safe and warm in their homes as a result of this funding. Cooling bill assistance may be offered during the summer months when funds are available.

As noted, contributions are needed. Huntsville Utility customers, whether an individual or business, can help by logging onto Huntsville Utilities online and adding $1, $2, $3, or $5 to their energy bill each month.  All money raised goes to the less fortunate and will go toward Project Share. Customers who donate are provided the amount of their previous year’s contributions for tax purposes on their January and February bills.

Not only that, but 100% of the donations made go to paying utility bills. The Salvation Army and the program does not use funds for advertising or administrative costs.






Project Share is for the disabled or utility customers are 62 years of age or older. They also need to meet low income limits that are in place. If a household is disabled, then they need to be certified as handicapped or disabled. The money can assist them with their utility bills during the Alabama winter months.

Applicants will need to be on a fixed or low income. It can’t exceed the state household income eligibility guidelines. These will be specified yearly by the Alabama Department of Human Resources. The Salvation Army screens potential recipients, accepts applications, determines eligibility and decides who will receive cash assistance.