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Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund assistance

Low income customers that are in a crisis can apply to Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund for assistance. The company, working with local partner organizations, collects donations from the public and all of the money goes to paying utility bills for less fortunate customers. A focus of the American Red Cross administered program is on helping the following individuals, though anyone can apply.

-Senior citizens living on a low or fixed income.
-The disabled can often get help keeping their power on.
-The sick or ill that need electricity for medical equipment can often get help.
-Rochester Gas and Electric customers with very young children may get assistance for their utilities.

The Heating Fund donation service was created to serve as an emergency back stop. No one is entitled to get help for paying their utility bills, though every effort will be made to support an income qualified household. Even if Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund does not offer help, then they will give referrals instead.

Therefore there is never any risk in asking for assistance. Maybe the family will get a few dollars for paying their energy costs, or maybe they will be referred to other options such as LIHEAP. Another resource that may result from an inquiry is the person can always seek a payment plan on utilities as the Rochester Gas and Electric customer service department may be able to offer one.

The above information touches on who may be assisted. However when it comes to donating, or giving back to the community, the rules are completely different. In fact any person or business can contribute money to Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund. The funds will only go to those customers that are qualified as well as most deserving of energy bill help.






Not only can anyone donate, but there are also some advantages to do this. One of them is that the donor will get a tax deduction. This will help reduce the net effect of what they contribute as their annual state and federal income tax bill will be lower.

Another benefit is the flexibility to Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund. Any dollar amount can be donated, either on a recurring or one time basis. The customer can either stop or cancel their contributions at anytime, and they will also be given a statement each year on how much they donated. So it is an efficient and simple way to give back.

In general, more people struggle to pay their utility bills each and every year. The cost of gas and natural resources tend to increase, which is reflected in how much a customer will pay for their electricity. While of course each person is ultimately responsible for paying the bills on their own (and they need to budget for them), the Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund program may be able to help in a crisis, when all else has failed. If it does help a struggling family, they should be very grateful to their community as the only reason this is even an option is due to donations.

For more information on Rochester Gas and Electric Heating Fund, dial 585-241-4474. Both donors and potential applicants can use this number for help.



By: Jon McNamara


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