Utility Bill Assistance


Southern Pine Electric Project SHARE utility program

In an emergency, Project SHARE is a possible option for customers of Southern Pine Electric Cooperative. Any type of financial assistance is only for income qualified disabled or elderly individuals in the community of Alabama. In addition, Project SHARE relies on donations from the community, so funds are limited.

As noted, donations are used to fund this service. Therefore, Southern Pine Electric Cooperative is relying on people from across the community to give back and contribute money. It is a great way to contribute, and there are many benefits to doing this. Any dollar amount is needed, and the funds will be put to good use.

To participate, any person or business can contribute any other whole-dollar amount they want. It can be a $1 or $10. Anything is needed, and clients can even choose the month to donate. The amount selected by the individuals will be automatically added to the household's electric bill each month as a tax deductible contribution.

For people that do donate to Southern Pine Electric Project SHARE, they will also receive a tax benefit as well. While individuals should talk to their accountant, this could in effect reduce their state and federal tax obligations.

The program is funded by electric co-op members and utility customers who donate through their monthly utility bills, and people contribute a wide range of amounts. All donations are then forwarded to the regional centers of the American Red Cross, who administers the program and pays out the funds to the needy. Project SHARE was created to literally be a cooperative effort to help the less fortunate in need.

Project SHARE is only for emergencies. It was developed to provide emergency, short term utility bill assistance to the senior citizens and the disabled in the community. The donations are targeted, and the funds will only go to those with a low income and who need help paying their bills.






It is run in partnership with the American Red Cross in Alabama. Any customers of Southern Pine Electric who want to apply, or even learn more about the donation process, can contact their local chapter. Eligibility requirements and the exact application process to follow in order to get help from Project SHARE are set by the American Red Cross, and these program terms will need to be met by any applicants in order to qualify for assistance. However, as noted, it is for the disabled and seniors in the region.

For more information, dial (251) 578-3460. Or members of the community can call or stop by the Red Cross office in their area.