Utility Bill Assistance


Southwest Louisiana Electric Operation Round Up assistance.

Assistance for utility bills ranging from electric to heating may be provided by Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Operation Round Up. The program, which uses donated money from the community, is available to help families in Louisiana that are facing a crisis. There are many conditions to it, and some are noted below. Also, contributions are always appreciated by the company as without them this service would not be available at all.

As noted, Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Operation Round Up is available as the result of donations from the general public as well as local businesses. The average contribution is $6 per year, broken up into monthly payments. In addition to those sources of funding, the company itself (both employees and management) will often contribute.

The company will also use matching grants to further scale up this assistance program, while employees will often contribute small dollar amounts. In either case there is almost always some form of funding coming from Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership itself.

For customers that decide to contribute to Operation Round, every single dollar amount is appreciated. Whether someone gives a dollar or much more, the money will make a difference. It can often make the difference in whether someone's power is kept on or if it needs to be disconnected. So donations make a direct impact to someone's life. Contribute either one time or round up a bill to the next highest dollar amount, and this is what rounding up is all about.

All of the money from the sources above will be combined as part of this assistance program. Then low income families can apply for help for their energy bills. There is a formal application process and every dollar issued as part of Round Up will be spent wisely. The intent is to not create some type of crutch for people to lean on, but rather all of the assistance for paying utility bills is intended for customers facing a crisis.






Applicants to Southwest Louisiana Electric Membership Operation Round Up come from a variety of backgrounds. There can be help for senior citizens as well as the sick or disabled. Other clients may be families with very young children or even an infant. The support from Operation Round Up is also aimed at people who would have a safety crisis if they were to lose their power due to a shut off.

When applying, the company will require proof of hardship, income, and more. If someone is seeking assistance due to a medical condition, then a doctor note will be required too. Or whatever the reason that someone is seeking help, there will need to be proof provided. If the application for energy bill help is not completely accurate or fraudulently completed, then it will be denied.

Over the course of many years there have been thousands of families that have received assistance. Many of them were able to keep their heat on as a result of the generous donations from the community. So whether someone needs help from Southwest Louisiana Electric Operation Round Up, or some other form of support, they should call the company at 888-275-3626 for more information.