Utility Bill Assistance


Spire Energy Alabama DollarHelp utility bill assistance

In an effort to help the poor, low income, and less fortunate pay their utility bills, Spire Energy collects donations from the Alabama community in partnership with local social service organizations. The program is known as DollarHelp, and each year it will help hundreds of families pay some of their energy bills. Of course the exact number of people assisted, as well as dollar amount paid out for energy bills, will depend on how much money is donated.

Donations can come multiple sources and methods. They include the following.

-One time contributions, and all of it goes to pay energy or electric bills.
-A monthly Round Up service for existing Spire Energy customers in Alabama.
-Fund raisers help by local groups, including charities, non-profits, and even volunteers who may do things such as hold bake sales.
-Social service agencies, including community action agencies, the Salvation Army, and others all spread the word on Spire Energy DollarHelp and try to raise money.

Now all the donations are voluntarily. No one has to give anything, and they can be started or stopped at any time. Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated, and the round up service even allows cents to be given to the Spire Energy Alabama DollarHelp program. And those cents, even pennies, add up over time.

There are other parts of the donation program. One is that 100% of what is raised goes to pay utility bills of qualified customers. No money is wasted and there is none used for administrative expenses.

Another key benefit is the income tax break. Since it is a charitable program, the donor will be given a tax break on both their state of Alabama as well as federal taxes. This means that the money given will be reduced/credited by the donors income tax bracket.






What the money can be used for and who benefits

Now the Spire Energy Alabama DollarHelp assistance program in itself is not the ultimate solution. The funds paid out for assisting with utility bills will be minimal. But it can help, and maybe it will be enough to keep the power, heat, or lights on.

The best use of the donated funds from Spire Energy DollarHelp in Alabama is to pay a portion of a bill while the low income and/or struggling customers gets help from other places. This is what both the customer service team at Spire Energy can help with or a local social service agency. Some of the other options out there include LIHEAP, weatherization, Spire Energy payment plans, cash assistance/grants from the state of Alabama or federal government, disability, and more.

All of these various assistance programs can be combined too. So the utility bill assistance from Spire Energy is combined with one or more of the previously mentioned services.

Anyone who is interested in applying for energy bill help or in donating to Spire Energy DollarHelp can get more information. Dial the Alabama office of the company at 1800-292-4008 for details on this or other options.