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Utility assistance from Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs works with local community action agencies to administer and distribute funds from the federal government. The Energy Assistance Section of the Texas Department administers the two federal programs, known as Weatherization and the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), by working with agencies and non-profits at the local county level. The local non-profits oversee the application intake process, income verification, and all other client services are handled by the local agencies.

Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

The so called CEAP program was designed to provide utility bill assistance to low income households in meeting their immediate energy needs and helping them pay their bills. The program will also encourage consumers to control energy costs for years to come through energy education. This can help them lower their bills. However, the main goal of the program is to provide financial assistance, and at the end of the the day the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is a utility bill assistance program. The CEAP program involves integration of all federal government LIHEAP programs, thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of services offered by Texas that are provided to clients. This allows allows for the eliminating of duplication of services.

To apply for the CEAP program, dial (877) 399-8939, or contact your local community action agency.

The Weatherization Assistance Program

This is the second program that is run by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. It was created for Low to Moderate Income Persons (WAP), and it was designed to promote energy conservation in the homes of qualified low income Texans. The weatherization program provides for the free energy-related improvements to apartments and homes, and it will also provide for the education of consumers about energy conservation programs which will help people lower their utility bills. The program goal is to reduce the energy bills and costs of low income households through energy efficiency.

Dial (888) 606-8889 to apply for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs weatherization program.





By: Jon McNamara


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