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Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor utility bill assistance.

In an effort to help low income families, Toledo Edison has created an assistance program known as Neighbors Helping Neighbor. This resource involves many social service agencies in the community, people who donate hard earned money to fund it, employees of Toledo Edison, and many others. All of these various parties come together to both help raise donations as well as advise customers on how to apply for energy bill help from the Neighbors Helping Neighbor program.

Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor donations

The only reason this program operates is do due donations. They come from many sources, including individuals, non-profits in Toledo Edison territory, employees, management, and others. There are different ways to give back to the energy assistance program.

One is of course to write a check to the company. This can be any dollar amount, and be sure to use the mail in form and note it is for the Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor program.

Another option is to enroll into a round up service. This will ensure that every utility bill the customer pays going forward is rounding up to the next dollar amount. That incremental amount is then given to help fund the utility bill assistance program.

Employees and management of Toledo Edison can also contribute. They too can use the options above, or they can use a paycheck deduction process. That money too will help low income families keep their power or heating service on when faced with a hardship.





Non-profits also try to hold fund raisers on occasion, and volunteers are needed for those events. All of those contributions will of course go towards helping less fortunate customers pay their heating and/or other utility bills. They will also be tax deductible.

Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor assistance

The service is only for customers of the utility company. This is not a resource for other providers. In addition to the main criteria, there are other conditions that need to be met in order to apply for utility bill assistance from Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor. They include the following.

  • -Proof of income, including any LIHEAP grants, benefits such as SNAP food stamps or SSI, child support, and any income coming in the door.
  • -Copies of identification, including SS cards, driver’s license, and/or birth certification.
  • -Proof of assets, including bank statements.
  • -Any medical hardship, as people with a health crisis may qualify for the Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor donation program before others.

The places to apply include (1) calling customer service or (2) a local social service agency, including community action. They will go over terms and conditions before any funds are paid out for utility bills. They will also ensure all of the applicant’s information is in order for the Neighbors Helping Neighbor program.

If approved, it is more than likely that a credit will be placed on the household’s utility bill; this is not a cash based assistance program. In addition the amount of money applied will be limited. It may provide the struggling customer more time to get additional energy bill help. As they may be able to apply for funds for paying heating bills from LIHEAP or explore other options.

Those are some of the terms of the Toledo Edison Neighbors Helping Neighbor donation program. It was created for a way to get some emergency, short term energy bill help when all other options fail.


By: Jon McNamara


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