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Dominion East Ohio utility bill assistance.

Customers of this utility provider have a number of options available to them. Dominion East Ohio offers several payment plans, and they also fully support both federal government and state of Ohio energy bill assistance programs. Dial 1-800-362-7557 to apply, or get more information below.

Dominion East Ohio funds and sponsors the EnergyShare program. This service was created to assist low income and needy families and individuals with paying their winter heating bills, including wood, kerosene, electric, and natural gas. The program is run at the local level by the Salvation Army, so you will need to call them to apply. Read more.

A way for people to save a significant amount of money on their utility bills is from the federal government weatherization program. Qualified low income customers can apply for and receive free Weatherization Assistance from the Ohio Department of Development, which receives funding from the federal government. It can pay for repairs, updates to homes, and energy conserving updates.

Another federal government funded resource is the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) as well as the Winter Crisis Program (WCP). The HEAP program will offer low income customers a credit on their heating or monthly utility bill. It is used for paying more of the recurring type bills. If you are faced with a crisis or are faced with a shut off, then the Winter Crisis Program may be the best option for you. The crisis program provides an emergency cash grant type payment to assist low income customers of Dominion East Ohio with avoiding a shut off of their service. The emergency grant can also be used to assist customers with restoring their gas service, and can apply for connection fees and deposits.





Dominion East Ohio payment plans - Eligible residential customers can get help with utilities from various payment plans. They include One-Third Winter Heating Plan, Budget Plus, Current Plus, Special Winter Assistance, as well as One-Ninth Payment Plan.

Another conservation program is the Dominion East Ohio Housewarming Program. This is a weatherization assistance program that is sponsored directly by the utility company. It can offer qualified individuals and families with free weatherization assistance to help them reduce their energy usage and save money on electric and gas bills. Services offered include free weather-stripping, sidewall and attic insulation, door sweeps and other insulation devices. One of the services also provided is case management. Client education is also part of the Housewarming Program to educate qualified consumers on ways to easily reduce consumption effectively.

There are two versions of the Percentage of Income Payment Plans. One is called the Plus (PIPP Plus) plan, and the other is Graduate PIPP Plus. First of all, the PIPP Plus utility assistance program will help income-eligible customers maintain their electric and gas service by paying up to 6 percent of their total monthly household income towards their bills. The second option is the Graduate PIPP Plus, which is targeted at people who Voluntarily leave PIPP Plus, who are no longer income-eligible for PIPP Plus, and who do not need to re-verify their household income. It can help Dominion East Ohio customers catch up and get current with their outstanding bills.


By: Jon McNamara


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