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Get energy bill assistance from Consolidated Edison (ConEd)

ConEdison offers its customers several different ways to get assistance with their utility and energy bills. If you have lost your job, are considered low income, facing a disconnection, or are in general struggling be sure to call Consolidated Edison and ask about these options, or anything else that they can do.

Con Edison Energy Share Program - This is an assistance fund that was created to assist lower income New York residential customers who are experiencing financial difficulties, an emergency, or a short term financial hardship that is causing them to face a possible termination of their electrical service. The utility bill assistance program, which will be administered by the social /  human services agency HeartShare, will give qualified individuals a one-time cash grants of up to $200 to qualifying homeowners. Renters may also be able to qualify for assistance from the Energy Share Program.

The HeartShare organization serves as the liaison between the customer/community-based organizations and the corporate offices of Con Edison. This is a once per lifetime grant. for individuals, so only apply if you truly need the aid. Qualifications to receive assistance for an EnergyShare grant include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • The applying customer must have received an active disconnect notice on their Con Edison account.
  • The customers account must have had a good faith payment made in the past on the utility bill, so the account can’t be so far behind.
  • There are other parts of this service. Find more details on ConEdison Energy Share, read more.

Waiver of Reconnection Fees: This is a program that waives any fees that may usually be charged for reconnection of service if the service was disconnected for non-payment. Some of the qualification need to include: The applicant must have been a HEAP customers within the last 12 months, customers who become Direct Vendor and Customers in receipt of SSI may also be able to receive assistance.






Refrigerator Repair or Replacement Energy Efficiency Program: This program is limited in its scope. It is only available for the disabled and elderly residential customers who receive SSI or who have received HEAP grants from ConEd or the federal government within the last 12 months.

Federal Government and Public Energy Assistance Benefits - Consolidated Edison follow supports all additional energy assistance programs that are available to customers from the federal government and New York State, including those programs that are available to low income households through the federal government funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.


By: Jon McNamara


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