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Nevada Utility Bill Assistance and Electric Bill Help

Nevada reported the largest jump in homes receiving electric bill assistance, up a staggering 80% 2008 compared to calendar year 2007. Nationwide, the increases are very similar. The number of households receiving help from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program was almost 6 million in 2007, which was the highest number in 16 years.

Nevada has multiple options for help with electric bills and utility bill assistance, as well as help for paying the long summer cooling bills. The National Energy Accessibility and Affordability Project, widely known as NEAAP, publishes and keeps updated a complete list of the programs available to consumers in Nevada, including those programs funded by both state and federal governments, charities, and Nevada utilities. NEAAP publishes this list as part of its LIHEAP Clearinghouse. The list includes LIHEAP contacts in Nevada.

Nevada Power and assistance through Project REACH. This program stands for Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships.
This is a program designed to help adults over the age of 62, medically fragile people, seniors who may be  isolated, and also our soldiers who are deployed National Guard. There may also be financial help for reserve members who may be in need of emergency utility bill assistance. It is available yearly during the summer months until funds are exhausted. Click more details.




Energy Assistance Program - Eligible households are given assistance for their bills once per year. While funds will vary, the amount of the electric bill assistance is based upon a household's energy use and gross income. The program is not intended to meet 100% of a household's expenses. The maximum grant provided can be as much as $800 per applicant. More.

Weatherization Assistance Program - This assistance program, which is administered by the Housing Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry (NHD), will help eligible Nevadans lower their utility bills by helping them increase and improve the energy efficiency of their home. This help may come in the form of weather stripping, added insulation, and minor home repairs.






Lincoln County Power District - They have an assistance program that will provide reconnection and deposit fee waivers. All of the funds issued can be used to assist with paying utility bills. This program will only focus on those customer in Nevada that use this company.

NV Energy (Sierra Pacific Power Company) - Two programs are offered. The Comfort Savings and Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE). Comfort Savings is a program that will audit a homeowners energy use and provide energy saving improvements, such as insulation, CFL bulbs, and many other items. Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE) is a utility bill assistance fund that is used to pay old, unpaid utility bills. Find more Nevada Energy assistance programs.

Sierra Pacific Power Company Electric Bill Program - Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE) is a program that provides cash grants to Nevada families to help them pay old bills.

Southwest Gas Corporation - Provides Energy Share aid can help those with an unexpected financial difficulties, such as a medical emergency, the loss of a job, an illness, or more. Click here to learn more.




Valley Electric Association - The Lighthouse Assistance Program was created to assist Nevada families who, through unusual circumstances or unplanned income limitations, are having difficulty paying their cooling or utility bills. Learn more.


By: Jon McNamara


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