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Financial assistance with bills in Ohio from Duke Energy.

In addition to both LIHEAP and state of Ohio utility assistance programs, Duke Energy offers its customers a total of five other programs. They include Helping Hand Program, WinterCare, HeatShare, as well as Ohio Electric and Gas Residential Low Income Pilot Program. Find the details on each of these services below.

WinterCare - This program is offered during the cold Ohio winters. It is funded by donations from customers, local businesses, charities, and matching funding from Duke Energy. Qualified low income customers will receive a one-time cash grant or financial assistance payment, and the program runs from November through March or until funds are depleted.

The Duke Energy of Ohio Wintercare program is constantly looking for new donations and funding. So if you can, please donate. It is a great way to help people (including families with children and senior citizens) in your local community pay their utility bills and keep warm during the winter. Learn more.

Another option is Helping Hand. This is another heating and utility bill assistance program available to qualified low to moderate income customers of Duke energy during the winter. This is another resource that is funded by Duke Energy employees, shareholders, and customers who need help during the winter with bills. Currently the program will provide up to $100 towards paying an energy bill. People who receive aid from this program must also have applied for the federal government low income energy assistance program LIHEAP. More information.

Another option, which is administered by the Salvation Army, is HeatShare. This provides assistance based strictly on an applicants need and is not strictly focused on the lowest income or government guidelines. An individual or family needs to be faced with disconnection of their utility service in order to qualify for assistance from HeatShare. Funding is limited, so unfortunately everyone will not be able to receive assistance. Call your local Salvation Army branch for more information. Read more on this program.

Two other programs are the Ohio Electric Residential Low Income Pilot Program as well as the Ohio Gas Residential Low Income Pilot Program. These are limited time programs, and these will in effect provide assistance by making lower rates available on monthly utility bills to eligible customers.

Call Duke Energy at (800) 544-6900 to learn more or to apply for any of these assistance programs.




By: Jon McNamara


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