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National Fuel Gas assistance programs.

Low income customers have several programs available to them from National Fuel Gas. The utility provider offers grants, weatherization, direct financial assistance, and other services for low income families, seniors, the disabled, and others across its New York service territory. Find more information on each program below.

Receive reduced rates on your utility bills, debt forgiveness, and in general more stable bills from the Low Income Customer Affordability Assistance Program (LICAAP) offered by National Fuel. Aid from the programs is targeted at people who meet HEAP income guidelines, but some exceptions may be made from time to time.

Seniors who are struggling with paying their bills may be able to get financial help from the Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance Program. It can offer qualified customers with emergency heating equipment repair/replacement, a lower monthly gas rate and bills, debt forgiveness, and conservation measures. Aid is offered for customers who are at least 62 years of age, disabled, or blind.

National Fuel Gas Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund - Provides home heating grants to people facing a disconnection or who are faced with an emergency or financial hardship. It is funded by customer donations and over the years has provided millions of dollars to people in the community and across New York.





Unfortunately funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to the low income and needy in the community. Grant amounts are determined by need. Get assistance with paying current or past due energy bills, grants for purchasing home heating fuel of any kind, and get financial help to prevent a disconnection of your utility or gas service. Salvation Army and Catholic Charities administer the program and provide cash grants. Call them in order to find the nearest agency or non-profit and to determine the necessary documentation to bring to the application interview. Read more.

Get up to a 70% discount on your gas and utility bills from the Low Income Customer Affordability Assistance Program. Qualified low income New York customers can receive the discount on their residential rate, and the exact amount of the discount provided will be determined by your total household income and size. In addition, this program has a  debt forgiveness components.

Find help with your National Fuel Gas heating bills from the federal government and New York State funded HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program). It can offer cash grants and free assistance to qualified  customers with a focus on families with children, seniors, and disabled. The amount of aid is limited, and it is a first come first serve program. It can provide a few hundred dollars per year for those heating and utility bills.

National Fuel Gas can provide financial assistance, and learn more by calling them at 800-365-3234 to speak to a representative for information on utility assistance programs.


By: Jon McNamara


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