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Financial help and assistance with utility or heating bills in Oregon

Find how to get help, and where to apply, for energy as well as lighting or heat bill help in Oregon. Most cities and counties offer assistance as well as a number of charity organizations. There are also various government utility bill assistance programs for low income families.

Anyone in a crisis can get help. Provided they meet the program terms and funding is available. Otherwise the Oregon customer may be referred to other resources, including conservation, grants for paying utility bills, or so much more.

Government programs to help with Oregon energy bills

The Oregon Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a federally funded assistance program. It is funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and this is not an entitlement program. LIEAP is an assistance program that is designed to help lower income households with home heating bills and utility bills.

Cash grants from the program can pay your regular bills. Or funds can be paid out when a family is faced with a crisis. This is the nation’s largest utility assistance program, and thousands of Oregon households benefit from it every year. Read more.

The Oregon Energy Assistance Program (OEAP) was created during back in the 1990s, specifically during the 1999 legislative session. The funding for this assistance program is generated from all categories of utility customers who receive electricity serviced through investor-based electricity providers in Oregon. The OEAP program also is not an entitlement program. It is an assistance program that is designed to assist lower income households, and those experiencing a financial hardship, who are in danger of having their electricity or utility service disconnected due to home heating costs.





The Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program in Oregon provides energy conservation and weatherization and services at no cost to households that are below about 70 percent of Oregon statewide median income. Primary funding for this assistance program is from the U.S. Department of Energy, with other funds provided by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, the Bonneville Power Administration, and utility companies.

You can apply for these programs to save on your electric and heating bills, and all utilities companies participate in these, including Emerald PUD, Portland General Electric, Eugene Water & Electric Board, and Salem Electric.

Oregon utility disconnection prevention is offered by the Oregon Heat Fund. The program is for emergency situations. Learn more.

City of Ashland - Residents have 3 different discount as well as energy bill assistance programs offered. One is for senior citizens and the elderly; a second offers cash grants for heating or utility bills; the last provides assistance to pay heating bills. More information.





Utility bill help from utility companies and charities

Avista Energy of Oregon runs several financial assistance programs, provides energy conserving options, and works with local non-profit agencies and charities across its service area. To get more details on the options available to customers, click here for a listing of Avista programs.

Canby Utility - This is one of the smaller companies in Oregon. They provide assistance to qualified customers as part of Share the Warmth, which is a Neighbors Helping Neighbors type of service. It can assist with electric and other utility bills. Read more.

City of Gresham has two programs. One is Helping Hands, and it helps pay water/sewer bills. There are also payment plans, grants, and other assistance programs for electric, light, and heating costs. More on City of Gresham utility bill assistance program.

Eugene Water and Electric customers can gain access to several financial assistance programs, grants, and energy conservation programs. Some of them are funded by customers donations, and others are administered by local charities, including the Salvation Army. One program is also targeted at military personnel, both active duty and veterans. Every year thousands of local families may qualify for assistance with their bills. Find more information, including phone numbers, of Eugene Water and Electric assistance programs.

Pacific Power customers facing a hardship can apply for the HEAT fund. This was created as a donation program and it allows “neighbors to assist neighbors” with paying their energy bills. All funding depends on donations and contributions from the public as well as Pacific Power. Read more.

Salem - Families that live in the city limits can get help for their energy bill. Donations as well as social service agencies work together to help low income families pay their utility bills. Learn more.





SUB Project SHARE - This is for low income families in Springfield Oregon only. Assistance may be offered for paying winter utility bills, and most of the money is distributed from November to April. Read more information.


By: Jon McNamara


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